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How to Recover From an Abusive Relationship

Mukta Gaikwad Jan 9, 2019
The answer for how to recover from an abusive relationship, isn't a one liner. It takes arduous efforts and determination to put the past behind and move on with a stronger mind.
The end of an abusive relationship brings a sense of relief, but leaves a few permanent scars too. It is true that the effects of a break up are long-term in nature. Moreover, a break up makes you feel lost and confused.
Getting over an abusive relationship is no easy task. It is a long drawn process, which demands your will power, motivation and determination. Picking up the process of recovery as a challenge, will help you realize your assets, strengths and regain your confidence.

Recovering From An Abusive Relationship

Acceptance and Dealing

The first step towards recovering from an abusive relationship is accepting that you have broken up and there's no going back. Accept that you are no longer attached to the person who has used and abused you in several ways.
There will be times when you will miss the best times you shared together, but, draw all your strength and prevent a relapse of getting into another relationship. Accepting and dealing are two different but interconnected terms. When you are dealing with the recent change in your life, you be have to deviate your focus by going back to your single life.

Friends Forever

Friends are the family we choose and make for ourselves. Relationships make us drift away from them. They might be mad at you for not being in touch, but they will understand you. Catch them over a cup of coffee and live the old memories again.
Sharing your miseries with them, will ease the burden on your mind. Cathartic talks are always emotionally gratifying. Your friends will help you recover faster and make you feel better. After all, there is a reason why they say, friends are forever!

Hobbies and Interests

To shift your focus from remnants of the abusive relationship, pursue you hobbies and interests. Make a list of things you wanted to do before you got into a relationship and while you were in a relationship.
Find out about the resources you will need to pursue them and make a genuine effort to see it through. Making constructive use of your frustration and anger, will definitely reward you in the most remarkable ways.
Hobbies provide you an opportunity to express yourself in ways that remained unexplored. So, look at this break up as a chance to revive your innate talents and make something tangible out of those. Live the dreams you once had and reform your life!

Learning Lesson

The most important part of recovering from an abusive relationship, is to learn from it. It always takes two to tango. Hence, look a little deeper into the relationship you had and identify your faults.
Oftentimes, the abused person's submissive nature encourages the other to act abusive. Take this opportunity to understand what went wrong, so that the mistakes are not repeated.
Getting over an abusive relationship is about reacquainting with your single life, your friends, family, your dreams, ambitions and putting the past behind, where is now belongs. Focus on what you want in life and make an identity for yourself.
Nothing can come in your way, if your heart and mind are set out to achieve a goal, you've set for yourself. An abusive relationship can make you a cynic and a skeptic towards relationships in the future. However, you need to see beyond the past and understand that every bad has a good reaction as well.
Thus, have an open mind and give yourself an opportunity to explore the various connotations of love around it. Be it family, romantic relationships or friends, love does find its way through the worst times as well!