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How to Save Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Aastha Dogra Nov 25, 2018
The relationship that is most important for you, must be saved and nurtured. Read ahead to know the tips and advice for saving your relationship with your boyfriend.
The most important of all feelings that human beings experience, which is love, cannot be defined. Some people say that love is caring for one another, but then, they care for the hungry on the street too. This in no way means that they are in love! Some say that love is the excitement, the euphoria, when in the company of our beloved.
But then again, a person can be excited about a film star, can get tongue-tied in his/her presence. This, too, is not love! The strangest thing about love is that you either feel it or you don't. It cannot be forced, it has to be felt from within. And sometimes, even if you are in love, as time passes by, the feelings might not remain the same.
So, for all those women out there who feel that they are on the verge of a breakup, here is some useful relationship advice, which will help them deal with the situation in a better way.

Tips to Save Your Relationship

So, you have been in a relationship for a while where you feel emotionally, physically, and intellectually satisfied and connected with your man. You feel that this is exactly the kind of relationship you ever wanted.
But of late, your boyfriend has started pulling away. Lately, you have been arguing over some petty issues that are of no consequence. Your boyfriend has told you in no uncertain terms that though he is in love with you, he needs time to think things over. Give him the space that he needs, as men in relationships are like rubber bands.
If you give them space and freedom, they will come back running to you if they do love you. And if they don't, there is nothing much you can do about it anyway. But to test the strength of your relationship and how much love both of you have for each other, giving yourself a break from one another can prove to be one of the good things to do in the long run.
Another tip at this point is to remain friends. Never lose touch, even if you are not seeing each other for a while or have been through a recent breakup. Keep the communication lines open. Also, use this time to introspect. Think about what it was that made your boyfriend take such a drastic step.
Were you too pushy, nagging him all the time? Did you not give him enough space? Did you start taking him for granted and stopped doing things for him to make him feel special? So, one of the ways to save your relationship is to think hard about your own personality, about the things that you could have done to alienate him, and then try to change them.
If you have been too pushy, change this habit in yourself. If you have changed physically, i.e., gained weight, then exercise and try to look your best. After all, making positive changes in life never hurt anybody! Also, start living your life to the fullest. Be a happy and cheerful person that everyone wants to be with.
If you and your boyfriend have some common friends, let them take notice how much fun and easy-going you can be. Maybe the news of your positive self will reach your boyfriend and he will want to see for himself what has come over you!
When it comes to men and women, both think and act very differently in relationships. If you give your man some space, do not plead with him or try to convince him to change his mind about you, as it might have a completely different effect on him.
He will realize your value, your worth, and how much you mean to him only after he has been away from you for a while. This may make him come back to you again.
Making a relationship work is easier if you have parted over some trivial issues. Do not ever let the initial spark that brought you two together die. Remember to be yourself always, at the same time caring for the one you love. Live and let live - that's the mantra for a successful relationship!