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How to Start a Conversation With a Guy You Like

Rujuta Borkar Jan 1, 2019
Racking your brains on how to start a conversation with that guy you like? Read on to know exactly how.
You see him walking through the corridor and a cursory lop-sided smile is all you can manage. You really do want to make a go at it and start conversing, but you just can't. See, it's always there―the confusion, the apprehension, the doubts, the 'What ifs', the 'Should I', and a whole range of other dilemmas that will make you nervous.
But that does not mean that there is no solution for this problem. 'Cause, of course, there is. And if you're interested in finding out more, read ahead to get some much-needed tips and tricks.

Starting a Conversation With a Guy

First of all, don't think of it as 'Oh my god, I like him, what do I do now, how do I talk to him' kinda situation. Not going to help. Breathe. Just breathe in and breathe out. Coming to point, starting a conversation with a guy you like need not be difficult at all. How to do it? Simple, just take pointers from the information that follows.


If you're asking the question, we guess it's safe to assume that you both aren't really friends. Then let's understand something―appearances do matter. At least initially when you don't know the other at all. You judge based on looks and the world does favor good lookers to begin with. What are we saying? You need the confidence to go speak to him, right?
Gather all the confidence that you can. There is no better way to do that than to take care of your looks. Get into shape, buy something that compliments you, wear some perfume, chew on some mint, and you'll feel much more in control to go on with the conversation starters.


How about you take the edge off the whole deal by not even thinking of it as a guy you like? How about you think of it as a situation that involves starting a conversation with a girl?
Say you've just joined work/school and you want to be friends with a girl―wouldn't it have been easier than the trauma you're putting yourself over right now? Do the same with the guy. How? Read on...

Pointers for Conversation Starters

Here are some of the things that you can do as conversation starters.
  • Look for opportunities whereby you can speak to him. Bumped into him at the coffee machine? Say 'hi'. Ask some generic questions and that will open up the opportunities for you to say more.
  • Join one of his classes or extracurricular activities. This will up your chances of talking to him.
  • Always smile and be warm. He'll feel more at ease with you that way.
  • Ask questions about him. People love to talk about themselves. Respond with positive feedback.
  • Find something in common like books, music, and films. Find as many common topics as you can so that there is never a dearth of conversation.

Starting a Conversation With a Guy Over the Phone

The thing about the phone is that you cannot play off the emotions of the other person. But that does not mean you can't decipher the emotions through their speech. If you've never spoken on the phone before, you'll need a pseudo-excuse to start phone conversation starters.
  • Procure his number and call him.
  • Start off by asking about work and then slowly steer the conversation to a more generic topic. Like you could ask him for a simple thing like - 'The class is going for a trip on Saturday. Will you be joining us?'
  • When he answers a yes or no, ask a personal question 'Have you ever been there before'?
  • The same rules that apply for a face to face conversation apply here. It may seem difficult at first with the ringing bells of 'He is judging me' running into your head, but try.

Starting a Conversation With a Guy Over Text

Here are a few pointers of how you get into the groove:
  • Start by sending some generic forwards that are harmless.
  • When you get a little comfortable, message about a plan that you are making or if he's been sick to ask how he's feeling now and the like.
  • Only after you've gotten a little comfortable with him can you get into the more personal or flirtatious messages. Be absolutely sure about the flirtatious messages and that they'll be received well. Or the plan might backfire.
  • Be sure to include his name in the message at least 2-3 times. Guys like it when their names are used.
  • Use a lot of animations and emoticons to get as close to the real deal.
Is that any help on how to start a conversation with a guy you like? We surely hope so. So the next time you really want to get to know a guy well, use any of these tactics and voila! - It won't be long till you are yapping away to glory!