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How to Talk to a Guy you have a Crush On

How to Talk to a Guy You Have a Crush on? Go Easy on the Blushing

Talking to a guy you have a crush on may seem very difficult, but it is not so. Given in this LoveBondings article are some crucial tips which will guide you in having an effective conversation with him.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
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A crush can be explained as an attraction which, sometimes is temporary, or can turn into deeper and significant love. However, many times, crushes do not turn into relationships, usually because one is shy and does not know how to approach the person he/she is crushing on. This is more common with girls as they, think that it is guys who should always take the initiative to ask them out. Nevertheless, what these girls do not understand is that many times, guys do not even know that they have a crush on them. Hence, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that he knows, or at least has a hint that you like him. One best way of doing this is to befriend him. Given below are pointers that will help you approach the guy you like.
Become Friends
The first step that you have to take is to befriend him. If you have common friends, ask them to introduce you to him. However, many times friends can ruin your plan by telling the guy that you have a crush on him, in such a way that it embarrasses you. Hence, it would be a good idea if you try to start a conversation on your own. The next time he comes across you, just smile at him and say hi. You can also begin by complimenting him about his clothes or his new haircut. If this guy is in your class, talk to him by asking for his notes or may be to help you in your homework. Confidence is the key to talking to the guy you have a crush on. So, if you are feeling really scared, what I suggest is, to practice hard to appear confident.
Be Yourself
Very often, girls try to behave in a different way when the person they like is nearby. However, they have to understand that guys like people who are genuine, and how much ever they try being what they are not, they will not be able to put up with this fake act always. Hence, the best way to attract the guy you have a crush on is by behaving the way you do normally. For instance, if you do not like a sport or a television program that he is crazy about, do not say that you are a die-hard fan of the same thing. On the other hand, do not show out right hatred, if you do not like these things. Rather, show genuine interest when he talks about his areas of interests. It is also not necessary to dress up in a particular way for him to notice you. Instead, wear what you are comfortable wearing. This will automatically make you confident, which is one of the best things that guys find attractive in girls.
Flirt a Little
Though you should avoid talking about your liking for him during the first conversation, you must also make sure that he does not consider you as just another friend. In other words, you must ensure that he knows that you have a crush on him. Here, a little flirting around can be helpful. Eyes are one of the best ways of expressing one's interest without actually saying anything. Whenever you talk to him, look into his eyes directly and hold the gaze for a few seconds. Touching his arms lightly or leaning towards him while talking can give him the signs that you are interested in him. However, make sure that you do not overdo this, as too much flirting during the initial stages of friendship may actually scare the guy.
I hope that you find this LoveBondings write-up helpful and interesting. Girls must understand that these tips will not always work as they are subjective to each person's personality. However, they will never know if a guy is interested in them, if they do not ask. So, let shyness and fear take a backseat and try to make an attempt to talk to him. However, if he does not reciprocate your feelings, do not sit and sulk, instead move on and you will surely find a guy who shows as much interest in you, as you show in him.