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Look Beyond the Smiles: How to Tell if a Guy is Attracted to You

How to know if a guy is attracted to you? Does his smile say something more? Here are some signs that can reveal when a guy is attracted towards you.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
We all know that heady feeling when the Cupid strikes. Love can make us see stars in the day and keep us awake all night long. The nights are often sleepless, especially when you are unsure if the guy is interested in you or not. Well, somehow I hate this kind of anxiety. While some guys resort to the "just friends" tag, there are a few who only indicate an interest in you without a clear motive.
Girls, this is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride! If you have often thought how to tell if a guy is attracted to you, let me tell you that there is no perfect guideline to this. Besides, even if he is interested in you, true love is a completely different issue. It is easier said than done, but these tell-tale signs would surely help you to know his mind.
Does he always try to impress you?
Men will behave, well, like men! A guy who is attracted to you would go all out to impress you. He may brag about his work or wealth, he may shower you with gifts, or dine out with you in style. The bottom line is that he is doing all this to impress you and win your heart. You can't surely ignore him going all out, as this sure sign can give you an indication of his thoughts.
Does his body language reveal hidden feelings?
You can know when a guy is attracted to you by simply observing his body language. Does he lean towards you when you two are talking? Does he establish frequent eye contact with you? Some shy guys may feel nervous about establishing eye contact and tend to look away hurriedly though. A guy who is surely attracted to you will try to find ways to hug you and be next to you in every possible way.
Does he hover around you constantly?
A guy who constantly sticks by your side, concerned about your likes and dislikes is surely doing it because he is interested in you. He may go all out to bring you your favorite dish or he may pamper you with loads of attention. He would call you many times during the day to find out many things, such as if you have you eaten your breakfast or what your plans for the evening are.
Does he try to make you jealous?
Strange as it may seem, love and infatuation for a person may make someone do crazy things. Well, in case you do not really catch his signs early on or are purely not interested, a guy may play hard to get. He may even flirt with your friends and give you coy looks. This is only his way of showing his attraction and making you feel jealous. Be assured that this person is bound to stop flirting the moment you turn your back!
These signs are just the basic guidelines. However, attraction is not always the sign of true love. True love requires commitment, passion, a sense of responsibility, and compatibility. Therefore, take your time to know his true nature before you fall head over heels in love with him.