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How to Tell if Your Ex Wants You Back

How to Tell if Your Ex Really Wants You Back Badly

Confused if your ex has moved on or not? Are you getting mixed signals even weeks after you called it off? Let's see what they mean.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The first thing you need know is that though there are many ways of knowing if your ex wants you back, none of them is a guaranteed sign that can assure you a patch up. Yes, there are times when you might feel that he/she wants to get back; they may even say how they want to, but that doesn't mean they really want to. We are humans and we have complex emotions and dealing with these can be very confusing, even after you're married for years. Now that we're talking about a breakup, the emotions are even more complex. You are still together in the sense that you haven't moved on and you'll aren't actually together because you've broken up. This leaves us in a very vulnerable state, doesn't it?
The reason why you're reading this is probably because you've seen some signs that say your ex still loves you, and wants to patch up as well. So, now that you are observing some peculiar behavior, do you think you want to get back if he/she wants to? My advice here to you would be to wait for a few weeks. Don't feel all lost, there might be something better in store for you. But, if you really think things might work out this time for sure ...
Signs That Might Help ...
Tom Robbins very correctly said, We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. If you think that this is what went wrong in your relationship too, then you might just want things to work out for better this time. Does he/she ever text or call and say that he/she feels sorry for what happened and that things could've been better had both of you been a bit more patient and concentrated on the better things in the relationship? Think properly and don't assume. Maybe the other person is only finding it difficult to move on, and does not necessarily want to get back.
There are times in our lives when we are so stressed out with the world and the people in it that unknowingly, we let this stress affect our relationship. We are less patient, less understanding, and less receptive. The effort to think twice is lost and everything is taken at face value, which is not how it should be in matters of the heart. If he/she is now calling you and informing you about the progress he/she is making and how things are changing for the better, maybe he/she wants you to be a part of this happiness. Does he/she text saying that he/she is sorry for what happened but the stress was just too much to handle? Then maybe, now that the stress is gone, there is a possibility of a patch up.
If both of you have a lot of common friends and still keep on bumping into each other every weekend, more signs might be visible. Does he get you your drink or does he say he'll come pick you up or drop you back home? These aren't guaranteed signs like I said before, but they certainly are positive. The first thing you both need to know is this. If both of you are absolutely comfortable next to each other at a party after your break up, it means that you haven't moved on or that you have but known somewhere deep inside that getting back is surely on the cards as well.
Is he/she making an effort? Any kind of effort? Does he/she try and spend some time with you no matter what? Maybe just on the phone or maybe just through messages? In that case, you might want to conclude that he/she still has some feelings for you. Maybe even you need this time. If spending time together is what he/she wants, then yes, this is one of the signs that the other person is missing you. You might want to take your time and see whether this is just a phase or for real.
Messaging/mailing/texting is all fine. But do you find them unreasonable? Like maybe he'll send you a joke when it just isn't necessary or maybe he'll just send you a blank text with nothing to display? Then, this is a guaranteed sign he wants you back and also wants you to know it. So, before being all happy that you finally found one sign, take out some time and think. Do you really want to get back? Are you willingly to make a new start?
Remember, unless he/she actually doesn't say it, don't let any signs, however accurate you think them to be, guide you to believe that he/she has changed and now wants you back.
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