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How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend

Mukta Gaikwad Jan 6, 2019
Think you know him well? Do you think you know his darkest secret and his deepest fear? Read on to find out the cryptic ways in which a man's mind works and find out do you really know him well enough.
He makes you feel wanted, special, loved, cared for and wipes away your every tear. He becomes your world and makes your fantasies of fairly tale romances come true. He will be there for you when hope lets you down, and despair, your erstwhile enemy has resurfaced.
His will listen to your every complain, even when they are in vain. His insurmountable patience will calm your bouts of anger and make you fall in love with him all over again. However, your boyfriend will lock away his darkest fears and protect them with an armed guards.
Knowing his deepest emotions and his truest feelings is a Herculean task, as his secretive nature keeps his real self away in an unreachable corner of his mind. So here's taking a look at five patterns of behavior that are ways to convey what they want to say.

They're Protective

The protective nature of men is misunderstood as extreme possessiveness. Smothering dos and don'ts stem from underlying fear that something might harm you.
Those constant phone calls and text messages asking you, where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing are only because he wants to know that you are safe. At times, this behavior may intrude your space too. However, you need to understand where it comes from and assure him that you are old enough to take care of yourself.

He Needs to Talk

Men take time to let out their feelings. They never clearly state what they feel and the reasons for it. To convey his feelings, a guy will use hypothetical, for they fear what trouble would an emotional spill cause.
Get to know his friends better and allow him to befriend yours. Even if his talks seem incoherent and incomplete, allow him to open up at his pace. If you rush, it may shut him up. Be supportive in your tone, assure him that you'll always be there. The moment you draw a judgment, he will enter his shell which will make knowing him even more difficult.

Don't Pull Away

We women love playing the chase game. We enjoy the attention and the moment it stops, we feel a certain monotony creep in. So, many of us love the whole coming-in-and-going-away game. In the initial stage, he may chase you keeping the playful charm alive. However, if you keep pulling away from him more than what should be done, he might start going away.
This will not only lead to an emotional rift, but also cause a physical distance. When the game is to be played from the other end, it takes a nasty turn which could have a dead-end. So be careful of this tug-of-war. He may never tell you that he doesn't like the game or the distance, but his actions will speak louder than words.

Like His Friends ...Not Love

Yes, he will like you to be a part of his social circle and share a good rapport with his friends. But, if you ditch him, so that you can be with his friend(s) the relationship is sure to get sour.
A man will never tell you not to be with his friends, because his camaraderie with them goes back a long way. So make sure you do not reciprocate to the love and affection his friends shower on you. Make a fine distinction between a platonic relationship and a romantic one.

Fear of Losing You

Even if this secret remains guarded life, the truth is that a man fears losing his woman. Men are afraid of being heart-broken. This is the reason why he will go out of the way to do things for you.
The fear of losing, also refrains men from confessing they love someone or resort to being a commitment phobia. In reality, men spend more time in thinking about losing their women, than actually being in love with them.
These behavioral patterns stem from guarded, underlying insecurities or fears. Thus, knowing them well, stops at knowing them well enough. Random fun questions may give you answers to his favorite color, favorite song, favorite book and so on. But, delving deeper into his behavior and being an active listener will help you know your boyfriend better.