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How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

Neha Joshi Apr 29, 2019
The smallest of details, sometimes, are the most special. It's these tiny little things that show how much you know someone.
There are times when you might feel that you don't know your partner at all. After all, we want to know everything about the person we love the most. It's only obvious that we know everything important-birthdates, middle names, city of birth, etc.
But then, these are things perhaps even the friends know. What we leave out, are moments someone treasures dearly. It is these moments that define a person in reality, and not his birthdate or his school's name. Let's see how much you've tried to know about your spouse.

Likes and Dislikes

Knowing the likes and dislikes of your spouse is the first step to know him better. Know what your spouse likes and what he doesn't like. These can be in respect to food, movies, books, music artists, cities, colors, and just about everything.
There might be certain people he doesn't like or certain habits he detests. These need to be kept in mind. What is his favorite holiday destination? Which is his favorite restaurant? Try to find answers to these questions.


Every person fears something or the other. Are there things your spouse fears or specific things that scare him? Knowing these things will not only help you to understand him better, but also help you to be his support system when need arises.

Dreams and Aspirations

We all have some dreams and aspirations. While most of us work towards these, there are times when some remain unfulfilled. You need to help your spouse complete these if you want to see them happy. But to do that, you first need to know whether there are any such dreams and aspirations.
Is there something he's wanted to buy for a very long time? Perhaps a skill he wants to learn since he was a kid? Knowing what he wants in the bigger scheme of things will help you come closer, specially if you help him achieve whatever it is.

Secret Desires

Just like aspirations, there are some secret desires we keep only to ourselves. They might be anything from traveling the world alone to wanting more children. Find out these if you want to make relationship more intimate. Try to find out his/her passion.

Special Moments

These come and go in everybody's lives and are some of the most treasured memories for life. Do you know any such moments? Maybe his first car or his first job interview? These moments are seldom given the importance they deserve and are hardly remembered.
Now that you know these tips, you can contemplate exactly how well you know your spouse. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that knowing everything about anyone is not possible and not even necessary. Don't force someone to reveal things about them they don't feel comfortable sharing. Let them happen.