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Idyllic and Wonderful Ideas for Dates on a Budget

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Apr 17, 2019
Your shoestring budget need not deter you from enjoying romantic moments with your date. Here are some inexpensive ideas for dates that promise a good time without costing you a fortune.
A great date is often associated with exotic dining, expensive jewelry, chocolates, flowers, and a rented limo. However, if you end up splurging all your money on the date, you will be worrying about your expenditure instead of enjoying the date.
There is no rule that if you are on a budget, you cannot have a great time with your special person. If you use your imagination and creativity, you will come up with hundreds of date ideas on a budget. A few ideas are given here.

Tips and Ideas

Cook at Home

This might sound boring at first thought, but do not think of it as an everyday cooking experience wherein one partner works hard in the kitchen, while the other is busy watching a football match on TV. Treat cooking as a creative activity which both of you can enjoy together. Keep the menu simple and easy to make.
If one of you happens to be a good cook, you can share some cooking tips with the other. If not, you can try your hand at something new. Once the dinner is ready, set a table for two complete with flowers, candles, and wine. If the food turns out to be a complete disaster, at least both of you will have something to laugh about.

Day Trip

Day trips or short picnics are one of the most inexpensive ways of spending time with your date. Choose a scenic spot only a few miles away from your town and pack a simple lunch of sandwiches.
Sit beside a beautiful stream, or on a hill top overlooking lush green meadows, and enjoy your time together.

Take Special Classes

Churches or other societies often organize special classes in various fields like painting, pottery, cooking, etc. Most of the time, these classes are free or come at a very small fee. Both of you can take classes of your interest together. You can also choose an entirely new field and see how you excel at it. This will help you develop a common interest.

Attend Free Events in Your Town

If you take a look at the newspaper, you will notice that everyday, hundreds of interesting events take place in your town. Most of these events are free, and are organized on weekdays as well as weekends. You can attend a star viewing event organized by your local observatory or planetarium, or a music festival by a local band.

Adventure Sports

Adventure sports do not necessarily mean expensive bungee jumping or paragliding classes. Even a hiking trip to a nearby mountain range is good enough. Adventure sports are a great activity to do together if both of you are nterested.
However, if your date doesn't show any inclination of indulging in such activity, do not push him/her into doing it, as it could be risky.

Visit Local Tourist Places

There are many tourist places in our cities which we seldom visit. The truth is that these places can serve as perfect spots for spending a day.
National parks, museums, or historical monuments are some great places to go on a date, and they can help you learn new things about your city. These places often have a very low entry fee.

Do Nothing

If both of you lead very hectic lives on weekdays, rest on the weekend. Spend a lazy Saturday afternoon munching popcorn and watching a romantic movie on TV, or talking about your lives.
Try doing certain chores like cleaning, mowing, and washing a car together.
These ideas make dating an inexpensive, yet fun activity. After all, a little creativity and thoughtfulness, and not a heavy wallet, are all you need to pamper your loved one.