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Inexpensive Date Ideas

Deepa Kartha Mar 14, 2019
You can't always afford to spend date night at an expensive restaurant, or drive down to the nearest B&B almost every weekend. With these inexpensive date ideas, you'll still manage to have a great time without leaving a dent on your wallet.
What happened to spontaneously-planned dates that didn't involve a fancy eatery? Whatever happened to moonlight-walking and stargazing? Dating has lost its charm over the years―an act once done by couples to connect with one another, talk about life, and sigh in the comfortable silence that occasionally fell between them.
In real life, we hardly take notice of the small things, planning elaborate, expensive dates that take away the simple splendors of old-fashioned dating.

Ideas on How to Plan a Cheap Date

The best dates stem from creative bursts of thought, where spontaneity is not all that bad a trait to try on once in a while. Your plan can be a simple one, however, what would matter most is the effort you take to execute it and not how much it costs, which in this case, is close to nothing.

Cook Together

Never been near a kitchen except to plate a pizza slice? Well, now you're going to have to actually use your neglected set of cookware. Plan to prepare a dish from scratch using simple-to-find ingredients from a farmer's market. Wholesome, fresh produce is what you want, since dishes taste better when the ingredients are in their prime.
Even if you choose to prepare a simple dish, like say, lasagna or pot pie, follow a recipe together and have fun while doing it. This idea works best for couples who hardly ever cook.

Outdoor/Indoor Picnic

Take a cursory look at the terrace in your apartment building and work out a way on how to plan a picnic on it. A string of soft lights, a wireless radio, and a comfortable seating area, create the perfect setting.
For the picnic basket, here's everything you'll need―crackers and cream cheese, chilled beer (or cheap, sweet wine), a pack of marshmallows (toast a batch of them at home; take them with you for later), and disposable cutlery.

Trip to the Beach

Who doesn't love the beach, right? The salty air and smell of sand instantly transports you to an exotic, tropical destination. Experience nature up close and personal by taking a drive to the nearest beach. 
As previously suggested, you can pack a picnic basket and take off to the beach instead. Choose a time of the day when it's secluded and free from kids and tourists, like just before sunset or sunrise.