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Insecurities in a Relationship

Neha Joshi May 4, 2019
If you want to know what insecurities in a relationship mean and how one can deal with them, this information will surely be of help.
Insecurities can lead to a lot of problems in a relationship and sometimes, a person becomes so occupied by them, that the negativity is taken to a whole new level. Both the partners have to understand that insecurities are born in a relationship and that they don't exist from before.
The relationship has to be nurtured in such a way that there is no space for doubts and questions. You won't even understand how insecurities can ruin a relationship in no time. Maintaining healthy relationships is very important if you want to make them last and be happy. Here are some reasons that give rise to insecurities and how one can deal with them.


Trust is a very important aspect in every relationship. However, it is something that cannot be gained easily. It takes years of staying together to know if you can trust a person. Some very easily say that we trust our partners, but how sure are we?
Constant efforts have to be made to gain the trust of your partner and if it's not done, it hits a low pit. It is at this moment that insecurity issues step in. You are all of a sudden unsure of all the promises and plans you'll made together.


One of the leading causes of insecurity is jealousy. We first need to understand that jealousy is not only limited to physical appearance but much more than that. When two people are in a relationship, they sort of own each other emotionally as well.
If that space is suddenly occupied by a third person (male or female), doubts regarding importance are going to surface. Every relationship demands ownership of each other's time and space.


Spontaneity is very vital in a relationship, as the lack of this will eventually show your partner the lack of your interest in the relationship. There has to be a surprise element to the relationship as well, which tells you that the love is not dead yet.
Enthusiasm towards each other is one of the best ways to keep the relationship alive with healthy thoughts and feelings. If this goes missing, the level of interest is going to be judged, which if found low, will lead to insecurities.

Distance Issues

Maximum insecurities in a relation arise if two people are in a long distance relationship. When the person is near you, you are subconsciously aware of him/her being there with you, near you. Distance brings a lot of a problems in a relationship, mainly those of communication.
When communication takes a step back, assumptions take a step ahead. Insecurities relating to infidelity are common here. The best advice here is to communicate enough and properly.

Lack of Understanding

Have you heard of lack of empathy in a relationship? This has been a problem in so many relationships that some of them have even lead to a divorce. Insecurities arise when there is no understanding or when there is no initiative to understand someone.
An emotional block can do a lot of harm to feelings that should actually flow between two people in love. A genuine effort to understand and comfort each other in certain situations can solve problems to a great extent.
The moment you see some signs of insecurities, take a step back and see what you need to work on. Insecurities don't only affect your relationship, but gradually you start looking at the world through them.
They can cause a lot of emotional turbulence for you that is not only unhealthy, but also heartbreaking at times. Learn to fight insecurities by communicating properly with your partner.