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Insecurity Issues

Insecurity issues in any relationship can lead to a crumbling effect. Read ahead for some interesting views on the same.
Rujuta Borkar Feb 28, 2019
Are insecurity issues a part of every relationship? Not necessarily. You see there are these factors that almost always lead to insecurity issues in relationships, so if a couple does not allow those issues to stem, then it is pretty clear that there will be no scope for insecurity in a relationship to arise. But it is not as simple as it may seem.
A relationship is not a formula, it's not a math equation either. It cannot be explained in simple terms like these―that an addition of so and so leads to security. A relationship has at its base two people who are guided by emotions, and those emotions, they are driven by a number of factors.
It is these factors that are impossible to calculate. But let's not try and explain it in these confusing terms and get on with the key factors that insecurity issues stem from and how one can prevent that from happening.

The Defining Factors

How does relationship insecurity arise? There are these key issues that lead to building security in a relationship. If you take those factors away, all you're left with is insecurity in relationships. What are these key issues, the absence of which leads to insecurity?


Communication forms the basis of any healthy relationship. A lack of communication in marriage, or any relationship for that matter, means that there is no give and take, that there is no scope to build a bond.
Over time, an ebbing of understanding and trust will develop. And an infusion of fights will take place. With a weak base, every trivial issue will be manifested in proportion and that will affect the core of any relationship.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with your partner will allow them to know that you're important in their lives. The moments that are created in that time, the lives that are shared is only made possible if you spend time with the other.
When people fail to give time to their partners either due to their professional lives or any other pressing reason, it leads to feelings of rejection, anger, and hurt in the person who has to go through them. This then leads to the surfacing of bigger issues like trust issues in relationships.


Flirting with others when you have a steady partner or a spouse, cannot and should not be put into the category of harmless flirting. It just goes to show that you're being audacious enough to choose someone else over your partner. And the stemming of jealousy in relationships is a given after that.
The jealousy tends to get stronger if there is nothing done to prove them wrong. If it's a momentary thing and your partner knows that it is being done in jest, it's a completely different matter altogether and it requires one to have a strong relationship that will support and understand that.
But if there is already a lack of communication in the relationship, then the partner is bound to have insecurity issues and a deep fear of rejection will develop. If there is no action provided that shows your love for your partner then the feeling will only increase.


Even though this is a manifestation of the communication factor, the fact that partners don't share certain key issues or leave out details of events, is enough of a reason to lead to doubt. This becomes more of an issue when there are other negative factors that have also been playing and it therefore leads to a cumulative effect.

Ways of Dealing

Questioning 'How to overcome insecurity issues' is a good start to deal with relationship issues. It goes to show that you're admitting that there's a problem and are willing to do something about it.
Ask yourself what the relationship means to you. Is the other person important enough for you to want to work on things? If the answer is a yes, then you should not stop at anything to make it work. The first thing that you need to do is to learn to communicate.
Learning how to communicate effectively will not only allow you to get closer to your partner, but will also solve the doubts, fears, and the feelings of insecurity that have stemmed. Learn to apologize for when you're wrong―it'll go a long way. And make it a priority to spend more time with your partner.
Doing things that help the two of you get closer will build trust and help you to bond. When the bond is strong, insecurity issues don't stem as easily, cause you trust your partner. But even if they do, the lines of communication are strong enough for the couple to sit and work matters through to help overcome jealousy in a relationship and rebuild trust.
No relationship is devoid of insecurity issues. There are bound to be those that come about from time to time for varied number of reasons. But take that merely as an opportunity to work on your relationship and rebuild that bond. Nothing more, nothing less.