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Questions to Ponder Before Breaking Up

Kundan Pandey Feb 18, 2019
The decision to end your relationship must come after deep introspection. Here are some questions that you must think over before breaking up.
It all starts with numerous relationship issues popping up one by one and consequentially, ends with a break up. In some cases, it is quite early (fair enough), while in some cases, it ends after years (sad enough).
Of late, if you have been witnessing dramatic changes in the mood and behavior of your partner, and relationship issues that never existed are now being exaggerated, it is time to rethink.
Your partner seems to be no more like he/she was when you started dating. Well, that is the warning bell ringing for you. You need a relationship break and shift your focus on your priorities and find out if you should really continue the relationship.
Here are some questions that you need to answer before you're ready to take any decision of the future course of your relationship. The answer to these questions is either 'Yes' or 'No'. If your answer to most of the questions is yes, take it as a warning bell.
  • Does you partner ignore you now frequently?
  • Does you partner avoid your phone calls or talks in a closed manner?
  • When asked about the problem, does your partner answer in a disinterested way?
  • Silence that was previously positive has taken a negative connotation. Is the silence awkward now?
  • Your partner promises to call you but seldom does?
  • Respect is the foundation of your relationship. Does he respect you, treats you fairly?
  • Physical intimacy, gentle touches, pecks, and kisses seem to have gone?
  • He remains with you but seems to be lost in his own world?
  • Do you still feel happy with him/her just like you used to in the initial phases of the relationship?
  • Do fights and arguments between you turn out to be major events of your life?
  • Has your partner's attitude toward the relationship changed drastically?
  • Do you find your partner flirting excessively with someone else?
  • Incidents of breach of trust are occurring frequently and either one of you is bewildered as to where the relationship is headed?
  • Do your family and friends feel happy with your relationship and about your partner's overall attitude?
  • Has your partner developed new habits like smoking, drinking, or consuming drugs?
  • Has the frequency of expressing love for each other reduced to minimum possible?
  • Are you and your partner suspicious of each other?
  • Does your partner consider your opinions when he has to make any decision? Was he/she earlier doing so but now pays no heed to it?
  • Do you feel stressed in the relationship? You feel dominated and not happy with the behavior?
  • Has your partner emotionally shut down any advances to you. There seems to be no correlation between what your partner was and what he/she is now?
These were some questions that you must consider before jumping onto a break up. Love can't be understood from just a few questions like these, but they can certainly give you an insight about where your relationship is going.
The bottom line of every relationship is that you must be treated with respect and must feel good about every experience. Only that attitude can help you have a successful relationship.