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Can Texting Lead to Cheating

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 8, 2019
Cell phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Dangerously, these gadgets penetrate our personal lives and cause many to stray. Find out what happens when texting goes overboard and how texting is tantamount to cheating.
In an age dominated by technology, we share more intimate relationships with our gadgets, than with people in our lives. Long working hours and hectic schedule, leave little capacity to build actual relationships.
Virtuality comes to aid in such times, bringing long-lost friends closer and kindling new ties of forlorn love. This is something we all experience. A call from long lost friend, makes your day and makes you feel special. When this goes overboard and makes you step outside the premise of your current romantic relationship, it will tantamount to cheating.
Cheating over text messages and emails is the stark reality of many relationships, which is quietly brushed under the carpet. However, there are a few signs which can help you decipher the difference between a normal and a suspicious messaging.

Stuck on Phone

The first sign that will spell fishy, is, if your partner is stuck on the phone constantly. He might not be talking to someone, but he may seem restless at the thought of staying away from his phone, even for a minute.
Carrying a cell phone to the bathroom, keeping it close while sleeping, having the phone by the side while having dinner, looking through text messages the first thing in the morning, and avoiding giving the phone to someone else are definite signs that his relation with phone is more deeper than what it is with you.
If your partner gets paranoid at the thought of leaving the phone unattended, then here's a sign to know whether your boyfriend is cheating on you. A cell phone under a pillow is where it all starts.

Constant Texting

Obviously, if you are living together, talking on the phone to the other person, would be a foolish thing to do. Texting on the other hand is much safer. Its silent and only takes a minute.
If you spouse is constantly texting, for instance while having dinner together, while playing with kids, while going to bed, during family gatherings and even while driving, then surely the receiver is very important. This is your second clue that the communication has stretched too far.

Hidden Phone Bills

Phone bills state the facts as they are, without any alterations. A document as such is capable of revealing facts that a cheater would definitely want to hide. So, keep a lookout for phone bills deliveries. If they never turn up then, call up your spouse's service provider and find out what happened.
In case it's already paid, ask them for details. Also, if you find the phone bill in the remotest corner of your house, note the number that has received maximum number of texts and calls, so that you can make your verifications, once your doubt is confirmed.

Fake Identity

The person your partner is cheating with, can be someone you know and definitely someone your partner does not want you to know. Hence, chances are that your partner will save the number as a friend's name or not save it at all.
This way, if the name flashes you'll ignore it and if it doesn't it will be seen as an unknown number. But, if the bill suggests way too many texts to this specific number in question, it's time you dig what's beneath the disguise.

Content of the Text

If you've been an observer of these signs for a long time now, then it's time to check your spouse's cell phone. This is not a recommended act. However, in this specific case you need to clarify your doubts.
If the text if full of innuendos, provocative in nature, suggestive and giving undue attention to the receiver, it's time to confront your partner. The number and frequency of texts may vary, but it is the content that makes the difference.
Texting becomes cheating, when it takes over your personal lives and sabotages the emotional and physical compatibility of your relationship, as you look out for other options. Cheating is a two-way street. This means that somewhere you and your partner are pulling away from each other.
Confront your partner and introspect your relationship, which has seen and endured more than a fleeting virtual fling. Remember, that all those who wander, are not lost. So, if your partner has strayed, help him find a way back into love. Surely, a relationship can endure a slip and bounce back with an inspirational verve, if you still want to make it work.