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Is Your Man Marriage Material? Take This Quiz to Know

Is Your Man Marriage Material?
The awkwardness of the initial dates is over. Things have moved on to the cozy twosome level. Are those 'wedding bells' you keep hearing in your head all the time? Don't you mull over it, there's just one way to find out...
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
His wardrobe is not an expanse of blue with a little black thrown in. He looks clean, shaves, cuts his nails and smells fresh regularly. He returns your calls and messages. He is chivalrous, but not in a Victorian manner. Speaking of manners, he has them in plenty! He totally understands your need for 3 pairs of stilettos in varying shades of mauve. Coming to think of it, he even understands mauve! Does this mean . . . ? Could it mean . . . ? Take this quiz, girl, and take it now!
Is He Marriage Material?

We all know how a good, single man is always unavailable. You seem to be one of those girls who probably finds herself with one of the more tolerable specimens of the opposite sex. Now, let's not elevate his status and call you a lucky girl. Why don't we call him intelligent instead? By the looks of it, you've nailed a decent Mars dweller. Take this quiz and find out if this one is for keeps.
Him and the World
You take him out to lunch to meet your friends for the first time. He:

A. Charms them out of their wits.
B. Arrives late, but has a genuine reason for doing so.
C. Spends the entire afternoon chatting up your hottest friend.
D. Gets drunk and proves it to them that he can indeed belch out the alphabet.
Group of friends
You're at the theater watching a movie, someone accidentally drops a tub of popcorn in his lap. He:

A. Gets intensely angry, but proceeds to the washroom to clean up and cool down.
B. Yells at the person, keeps grumbling throughout the movie.
C. Belts out abuses that make you cringe, storms out.
D. Turns a deep shade of beetroot. You bolt before the first punch hits the offender's nose.
At his office party, you make a grand entry by tripping flat on your face, thanks to your 5-inch heels. He:

A. Grins and rushes to your side, takes you to a corner, makes light of the situation.
B. Still teases you about it, even though this happened five months ago.
C. Comes to your rescue, but you never get introduced to his boss.
D. Okay, he's laughing. Really loud. Pointing and laughing. Still laughing. Why won't he stop?
Him and You
Spring-summer sale at the mall, you wish to refurbish your entire wardrobe. What happens next?

A. He makes faces occasionally, sometimes pretends to be interested, basically survives the ordeal.
B. He offers to give you a lift to the mall, but that's about it.
C. He gets a "work" call and vanishes without informing you.
D. What shopping? Nothing can tear him away from his Xbox on a weekend.
It's your night out with the girls. He's forgotten all about it and cooks a meal for the two of you. What follows:

A. He admits his folly, refrigerates your share, wishes you a fun-filled night.
B. He drops you at your friend's place, but you see a glint of remorse as you won't spend the evening with him.
C. He makes puppy dog eyes at you, requesting you to stay.
D. He's angry at himself for the waste of efforts.
Your work timings have changed, and you are concerned about your pet cat. Your first thought:

A. No sweat. My guy will feed her on his way home.
B. May be I could ask him to drop in and check up on her.
C. My friend next door could pitch in.
D. Oh my poor little Mimi!
Happy couple and cat
Him and Just Him
His friends have nicknamed him:

A. The 4 a.m. friend.
B. The geek.
C. The whiney-nanny.
D. The serial dater.
What according to you is his biggest fear?

A. Losing all his friends.
B. Losing all his savings.
C. Losing all his hair.
D. Losing all the 'data' on his 1 TB portable hard drive.
Fear of hair loss
His ideal weekend is spent:

A. Playing tennis/hiking/hitting the beach.
B. At home, relaxing.
C. Exploring the countryside.
D. Oooh! Pizza and beer, baby!
Man sitting on sofa
Him and the Folks
Your parents invite both of you for a home-cooked meal. The menu:

A. Les escargots au beurre, poulet á la moutard et au miel and crème brûlée. They slaved in the kitchen for hours!
B. Lobsters, because my guy loves them.
C. Macaroni and cheese.
D. Chinese take-out.
Dinner at home
It's his birthday and you're confused about what to gift him. Your friends suggest:

A. A limited edition Omega Seamaster Bond 50 Years 41mm watch.
B. A bottle of Terre d'Hermes, shipped from Harrods.
C. A Swiss knife.
D. A shirt from Banana Republic.
You wish to fix a double date along with your sibling. Your sibling responds by:

A. Inviting both of you over at his/her place. Your man is part of the family now.
B. Making dinner reservations for the next weekend.
C. He/she will get back to me after a few days.
D. He/she hasn't called back.
The Verdict
There's hardly a woman around who isn't interested in shoes. So as a defining factor, I've decided to assign a shoe style to each category that will help you look at your man in a completely different light. Here goes . . .
Mostly As
For starters, have you checked if he's an alien? He takes you shopping, genuinely comes to your rescue when you're embarrassed, your friends love him, and so does your family. Hey, if your cat trusts him, there is no reason you shouldn't. So if you keep getting visions of a three-tiered white cake, I don't blame you.

Why do I think this man is like a wedge heel? It's fine to wear it at work, and transforms into fabulous party footwear if you want it to. And, it won't hurt you even after a full night of dancing! What more can a girl ask for in life?
Mostly Bs
So you've nailed a nice guy. It's fine to have the occasional quirk or two. Maybe punctuality is not his strongest point, and at times you think he's a little too cagey with his money. In the end what matters the most is how you feel about living with these quirks for the rest of your life. Can you do it? Won't be such a bad idea to keep dating and see if you feel the same after a few months down the line.

This man reminds me of the ballerina - flat and insipid, yet chic and comfortable. A safe choice, though, considering the dearth of decent, single men out there.
Mostly Cs
Hmm . . . so you're with a person who probably has a slight temper problem, is a little vain, kind of flirtatious. You think you love this person, and if marriage is on your mind, well, good for you. But before you start picking a wedding dress, take in the opinion of your family and friends who are sure to tell you that you definitely deserve better.

He's like those red pumps in your closet. I'm sure you love them deeply, but looking at their limited utility should make you ponder. You couldn't think of him as Mr. Perfect, but as Mr. Perfect-for-now.
Mostly Ds
You're with a guy who is fine with making a fool of himself in public, freely takes potshots at you, and is worth a Chinese take-out from your parents' point of view. If you happen to be dating him for the sake of dating, there is nothing wrong with it. If you seem to fancy him deeply, nothing's wrong with that either. We're all allowed to have our type, as long as he makes us happy.

His worth in shoes? He's too tacky to be measured in terms of footwear, but if you insist - cheap, rubber flip-flops. Good enough for a weekend on the beach. Nothing more, nothing less.
This fun quiz is exactly like its name; it's meant to be fun. I do hope all you girls had a nice time taking it. And as far as equating the man in your life with footwear is concerned, my sincerest apologies. I really didn't mean to offend any of the shoes in your closet!