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Signs of a Jealous Boyfriend

Signs of a Jealous Boyfriend and Advice on How to Deal With It

Oops, are we seeing green here? Ah! There is a jealous boyfriend, is it? Don't worry, dear ladies, now that you have landed on this page. Read on for getting a low down on signs of a jealous boyfriend.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Jane was a bit troubled these days, and the reason for her anxiety and apprehension was her boyfriend Richard. He was giving her a tough time by being extremely possessive and insecure about her. She was just not able to fathom what was going on in his mind. A thought crossed her mind and she decided to put forth her doubt directly to Richard.
I have a very good idea that this is nothing out of the world or does not even have any trace of novelty. But, I know one thing that quite a few of those reading this can see themselves in the description of Jane. So then, what is the solution for this issue and what are the signs of jealousy in a boyfriend? Take a look to find out.
  • Those who are in a relationship know that when your guy is too possessive and touchy, he will not bear to see you talking even casually to another man/men. He will go totally berserk if he even sees you chatting with another guy.
  • This one is in connection with the first one. Even if another guy just looks at you, it is good enough to get your boyfriend on tenterhooks. This is a sign of being overly possessive and outright jealous, and is one of the major cause of relationship problems.
  • An insecure and jealous boyfriend cannot cope with the fact that you are more popular and attractive than him. Mind you, look out for these unhealthy signs in your relationship.
  • Another very prominent sign is that he would try to control your actions in every possible way. For instance, he would try to sneak on where you hang out, whom you call and meet, and in general who you spend time with.
  • In addition to this, if a guy cannot take the fact that you are better than him at something or doing well in your career, it is pretty clear that he is jealous of you, though not exactly in connection with a relationship. He can also be extremely fussy about letting you out alone with your friends, even your girlfriends.
All this is fine, but how can this tendency be dealt with? How can your partner realize how to not be a jealous boyfriend?
How to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend?
  • The first thing you may need to analyze is if you really love this guy and also whether he loves you? This might sound really harsh and heartbreaking, but remember that relationships are built on trust, understanding, and most importantly, love. If you are not getting it from your boyfriend, you may need to give a serious thought to your relationship. When dealing with a jealous boyfriend, this is the best way out.
  • The next best thing is to not to deal with your boyfriend at all. Simply wrap up the relationship and bid a goodbye to the man who is showing unnecessary signs of overwhelming jealousy. This will prevent bad blood between you two, and will also save you a lot of headache.
  • If you think you are racking your brains a bit too much sitting and thinking about your controlling boyfriends, maybe you need to talk tête-à-tête. Sort it out, tell him clearly what you feel, and try to get to know what he feels. Try to keep the shouting and arguing at minimum, as it will only worsen the matter.
  • If the guy is ready to listen to you, instill the confidence in him that you are not going to leave him. Often, jealousy and insecurity in men arises because of fear of losing their girlfriend. Speaking and reassuring him that you are loyal to him would be a good idea.
  • If you think your jealous boyfriend is getting the drift, try to chalk out some ways to give each other some space. Setting some ground rules will also help to counter the jealousy in him. Be specific and straightforward about what you want and what is not acceptable to you, and stick to it.
  • If all these things fail, apply the norm of "offense is the best defense". Give it sometime and act as if you are jealous and see how he reacts. Tell him that is exactly what happens when he is jealous of you.
Similarly, try to get to the root cause of jealousy. If this too fails, you would need to break the relationship and move on. But isn't moving on a part and parcel of life? All the best!