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Keeping Your Marriage Alive After Having Children

Hemangi Harankhedkar Mar 12, 2019
Men especially feel deprived of attention after the birth of children. A wife should thus take effort to cater to both her dear husband and her kids. Here, find some ways to keep your marital romance alive.
Children make the family picture complete; they bring in fun and give a feeling of completeness to the married couple. The woman's life soon revolves around teaching her children the right values and looking after them and their studies, and everything.
Even the husband gets involved doing the same, worrying about the future of his kids to make it secure. Both of them get so much involved doing this that they forget about their life together, as a husband and wife.
Soon they realize that they are not giving their hundred percent to each other; they miss the enjoyment and the thrill of romance they had shared in the past. The husband feels left out as he finds his wife worrying only about the kids. Because in most of the cases it is the woman who pays detailed attention to the life and progress of her kids.
Planning will help you to keep your marriage life after kids all spiced up. The coming paragraphs illustrate what can you do for a healthy marriage and to keep your marital romance alive after having kids.

Remembrance is the Best Compliment

Even little things can make a difference in life, so do your small actions in a relationship. You as a wife should take all the effort to keep in mind the things your husband expects from you or that would make him feel you still remember.
This can be as simple as kissing him goodbye when he goes for work or gifting him something special as you used to in your courtship days. Surprise him by giving his favorite food in the lunch box.
Doing this even when you are busy will help to make your spouse realize that you still remember the minuscule but meaningful things. The same applies for men too; surprise your wife with a movie night plan, or a flower, or anything she likes.

A Few Rules Would Make Things Work

The day becomes busy with kids around, and you may not get time to spend with each other. Setting some rules would help ease things, rules like going out for a date once or twice in week, 'communicating' about your day daily, etc., The dating part is of huge significance in a marriage too. With children around it is difficult to spend time like earlier.

Prioritize and Talk it Out

Understand your partner's priorities and decide your course of action based on it. Talk about your expectations from each other; this can be concerning about sex, career, sharing of household responsibilities etc.
This will help you better understand your spouse and make things smooth without any fights due to lack of attention, misunderstandings, etc. Communication will make your relationship less complicated and will keep it free from hassles.

Things that Count

There are certain small things, which otherwise seem insignificant, count a lot in your relationship.
  • Stay connected through cell phone throughout the day. Send him/her a few romantic messages in the day that would flatter and bring a smile on your spouse's face.
  • Considering the timing, plan some outing. This can be when your kids are out for a picnic. Either ways, you can spend time together by joining some class, or going to the gym together.
  • Help your wife in the kitchen, and cook meals together. This way you will get to spend time with each other apart from having fun together.
  • Writing a letter is also a good way to keep the romance alive. Convey your spouse how much you love him/her, and that being with him/her has been your best blessing in life.
These were some ways to keep your marital romance alive after having kids. Your kids are your blessing and also your responsibility.
Raising them in the way desired is thus your first and foremost duty. But for an effective balance in your marriage life you need to take time out for yourself and your spouse.
Enjoy with your kids, give them desired attention but also remember to spend time with each other to keep the magic and romance alive...!