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Know if You are Really Ready for Marriage

Hemangi Harankhedkar Jan 9, 2019
Determining if you are prepared for marriage is tad difficult. Keep reading this further for an insightful thought on when to get married...
We all are used to be very excited about weddings in our childhood; especially about all that pomp and show, the pretty bride and the handsome groom, the adorable dresses we used to buy for every wedding we had to attend, and not to mention the lavish wedding bar!
But 'marriage' is officially becoming someone's partner and guide for life. Even if you and your partner have been together for years, making the final decision can indeed be tough. This information aims to guide you through the right and thoughtful decision.

Are You Ready for Marriage?

Why do people want to marry? Some marry because they want to get married at the right age, or they have got tired of living alone, or because it is their way of showing commitment to the love of their life.
But, is it right to marry just because we have touched the late twenties or just because our friends are getting married? Absolutely not!
Marriage is an event that will change your life to a huge extent. After marriage, the couple would 'officially' be known as a husband and wife. Think of it from an emotional point of view. It takes great courage and thinking to commit yourself to a person for life; to commit to be his/her better half for the rest of the years.
A look into the stats reveals that the average legal age for marriage in most of the U.S. states is around eighteen. But, even if you are eligible to get married, you need to consider a lot many factors. We will take into account some serious considerations to determine if it is the right time for you to get married.
Factors like your relationship status, that is if you have anyone in your life you wish to get married to, or you have to start searching for that special someone also come into play while deciding the right time for marriage.
You should also think about other important factors like career, family, the commitment you can make etc; these are the most important factors that you should think of prior to making any decision... These factors along with some others have been discussed in detail next.

Are You Ready to Give the Other Person 'That Space' in 'Your' Life?

It's obvious that after marriage you have to live life with other person and give him/her space in your earlier solo environment. After your wedding you would also lose the authority to take your decisions to a certain extent, and the decisions you take will have the influence of the other person.
We don't want to negate the idea of marriage, but it can pose problems in the future if you are not able to give enough time and space to your partner. Thus give a deep thought to this question and then take the decision accordingly.

The Pre-marriage Goals

From an emotional point of view marriage is the commitment to be with the other person for life. Getting married is not a child's play and it comes with plenty of responsibilities. Most of us have this tendency to prioritize our goals as the ones we want to achieve before marriage and those which we can accomplish later.
For guys, financial stability is the main concern and most of them want to settle down before they get married. This is also true for girls; career and financial stability are the factors that are important to girls also. You should give a deep thought to these factors before taking a decision.

Understand Your Needs and then Decide

Each of us has an ideal partner in mind and some planning about the future. Think about it if you are ready to live your life with the person. If you have someone in life, would you like to see him/her as your husband/wife? Can you find your life partner in this guy/girl? Do you share an emotional bond with the person and would love living life with him/her?
If you are a girl, do you share a great bond with the guy's family and would love to be a part of the family? Give a serious and deep thought to these questions. If you are of the eligible marriage age, understands and likes your partner thoroughly, and also have settled in life, then you should not wait to get married.

Other Important Factors

There are plenty of other factors that you need to consider before taking the all important marriage decision. Now suppose your partner is all well settled and of the perfect kind you had always wished.
But before committing yourself it is important that you freely talk with the other person about your likes and dislikes, which includes your career planning, your take on having children, sex, finances, in-laws, friends and all other apprehensions you have in mind.
Know the person thoroughly, and ask everything you have in mind. Understand what he says and if your views still match he or she could be the perfect one for you. In a gist, before finalizing anything ask questions even though you knew him or her for a time, and try to know the other person as much as you can.
Even if you are profoundly in love or don't have anyone eligible to be your partner, do not take the decision in haste. It cannot be hassle free and comes with its own set of challenges.
To make your marriage successful and as free from complications as possible, know each other deeply and spend quality time discussing your goals, priorities and dreams. You are the best person to know if you are ready for marriage, do give a serious thought to the factors we had discussed to determine if you are prepared to take this important step.