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Long Distance Relationships

Uttara Manohar Mar 12, 2019
Long distance relationships can be difficult, but not impossible to pursue and take to the next level. Learn how to maintain one while also quelling your doubts about the failure of such a relationship.
I can't stand it for another day
When you live so many miles away.
Nothing here is gonna make me stay,
(You) took me over, let me find a way.
Life cannot always be a rosy ride and similar is the case with relationships. Life and relationships are such similar things - to be happy you need to put in your heart and soul into it, give it your best shot and leave the rest to fate.
To have a special someone to share your life with makes life worthwhile, but what happens when the circumstances force you to stay apart. Most people get scared of the slightest mention of a long distance relationship (LDR), some of them dread it, where the optimists go against the tide, battling it out everyday, and every moment till the end.
Keeping any relationship alive and kicking is one hell of a job and the distance just makes it tougher. Forget meeting each other everyday or romantic outings, even regular emails, calls or letters cannot be guaranteed. Petty misunderstandings that you could usually erase with a simple hug can last for days or even weeks.
First things first, you can survive this kind of relationship only and only if you are the kind of person who is ready for real commitment or at least ready to work towards a long-term relationship. LDRs test you inside out and upside down.
Be ready to juggle your routine chores, workload, your friends and family, and your loved one all at the same time. If you thought mood swings could create problems in normal relationships, the distance will make it even worse.
There will be times when you are down right frustrated and dejected and your better half has the most cheerful story to share with you. You can't pretend to be interested and hanging up the phone will be sacrilege. There is no right or wrong. Such a relationship may bring out the best or at times the worst in you - it is all about your perspective.
Although it is a common notion that people who have a long distance relationship lead two separate lives, it is quite possible for two people to stay in touch everyday, plan their schedule together, and share their lives in spite of the distance that separates them.
While die-hard romantic people would prefer to pen down mushy love letters and send them across the miles via snail mail, people certainly have more options today. Those who have been in a long-distance relationship will vouch for that fact that the Internet has been a true blessing.
Go get one of those web-cams, log on to the messengers and exchange emails, although it might not be as good as the real deal, well again just like life, you need to stop sulking and make the most with what you have.
LDRs, can actually be quite fun if two people are staying away for a short period of time, the duration is crucial but so is your attitude. Patience is one of the virtues that you will acquire if you learn to manage a long distance relationship.
For some it is like a rough patch, which needs to be battled, while for others it becomes a way of life. Either ways, there is only one thing that makes the relationship work - The will to make it work. LDRs and marriages work on the same principle - you need to master the art of adjustment and compromise.
You miss each other, you struggle to catch up with each others' lives, you get hurt at times, yearn to be together, but the question is, how long can you survive it?
However, you can be assured that if you think of it as a battle, you'll never survive it, accept it as a bond that holds you together and it will strengthen with time. Do not think of it as a difficult path that will lead you to your love, lose yourself in the journey and you will enjoy every moment of it - bitter or sweet.