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Long Distance Relationship Advice

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 29, 2019
Getting into a long distance relationship is a tough call for many. However, managing to keep this relationship smooth, can help you deal with the trauma of being away from the one you love.
Being in a long distance relationship myself, can say that distance, does make the heart grow fonder. Ever since we began dating, we knew that he had to leave to pursue his higher studies. Honestly, never thought that things would get so serious between us. However, as time passed, the eventuality began kicking in hard.
Since it is rightly said that once bitten twice shy, it is completely averse to the idea of a long distance relationship. The idea of commitment, always loomed over my head like a noose. It was exactly three days before he left that made me realise that he is the one.
More often, people realise it as they see the best part of their life leaving. And sometimes people love themselves too much to let it go. It's never easy to let go what you love the most, and especially over a trivial issue like distance. So why should you?

Accept the Reality

Accept the fact that either of you has to leave for a secured future together. None of us like to stay away from loved ones.
However, sometimes we have to, for a better life ahead. Understand your partner's efforts and the need to leave. The sooner you understand your partner, the easier it'll be for you guys to cope up. If either of you only crib about leaving, it will get difficult for your partner to deal with it.

Relationship Status

A relationship has many connotations. A fling, an affair, a platonic relationship, engaged or committed are some of the premises of relationships. Take the next step by defining your relationship. Ask your partner, 'Will you be waiting for me when I come back?', 'Do you want to take things forward?', 'Do you see a future with me?', and so on.

Talk the Miles Away

Establishing an effective communication channel is the best advice for any relationship to remain healthy.
A smooth communication channel in any relationship always provides a scope for improvement. Usually, it is the physical company and the ability to talk easily is what people miss in a long distance relationship. Hence, see to it that you give each other an hour everyday.
It can be done over the phone or through any other mode of communication. This way, both of you can be a part of each others life, despite being miles away.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Although your partner is miles away, that does not make him/her any less responsible towards the relationship. Be clear about how you are feeling, what's troubling you and all other doubts. Share it with your partner, if you really want the relationship to hold the ground.
The need to hide and keep secrets arises due to fear in the mind and clutter of thoughts. Jettison the clutter and fear and be honest about all the sensitive issues. This will bring both of you closer and strengthen the bond.

Patience is a Virtue

Being patient is sometimes the most difficult part of long distance relationships. The distance can infiltrate your partner's mind with negativeness and make him/her homesick. Hear them with patience and without judgments. If you feel that it's reaching your wits end, occupy yourself with hobbies and outdoor activities.
Honesty is the best policy, however, an exception can be made when your partner is stressed out. Keep the things to yourself and talk it out to your partner once the waters have calmed down.

Encouragement is a Good Movement

It will be tough for both of you to be away from each other. Encouraging each other, is the only way to keep going. Assure each other, that at the end of the wait, something beautiful will come along.

Surprise Visits

Surprise each other with visits, souvenirs and gifts. What if your fiancé gives you a surprise visit!
What if he/she calls you before your class and asks as usual about your whereabouts and to your surprise, he/she is waiting with a bouquet of your favorite flowers! Such surprises always add an element of fun and make the relationship interesting. Sending cards with romantic poems, gifts and photographs are a few romantic ideas that do wonders as well.
If you come to think of it, a long distance relationship is no different from a proximal relationship. It take efforts from both the sides to make a relationship work. Everyday, is a gift with each other, that's to be reassured with love and commitment. It's a commitment that you'll see it through with love.
If you love each other like there's no tomorrow, then the distance will disappear and make the hearts grow fonder!