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Loveless Marriage

Loveless Marriage

Do you feel stuck in a loveless marriage? Are you contemplating a divorce? If yes, read the following article which offers some good solutions for people in loveless relationships.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
When people say that they are staying in a loveless marriage, it means either that they have a sexless marriage or the emotional connect that once existed between the partners has snapped. Either way, it spells doom for any relationship. The husband and wife in such cases have two options, either they can file for a divorce or they can salvage the relationship.

Can Things be Worked Out?

Being stuck in a loveless marriage can be difficult for any person, irrespective of the gender. You know that this person, who is the father or mother of your children, to whom you vowed to remain loyal to, is not someone that you feel connected to in any way. But the point to consider here is, how did you reach such a stage? When did you stop loving your partner? Have you two made any efforts to change things in your marriage? Well, if you have not, it is time that you communicate with your partner what you are experiencing. Tell him/her what you miss in your relationship. You two can even go in for marriage counseling to see whether things can be worked out.

Improving communication, spending time together, trying to solve problems, and going in for counseling may help you to fall in love with your partner again. However, if all these do not work, it is time you started thinking about what options you have.

Living in a Loveless Marriage

The reasons for agreeing to stay in a loveless marriage are many. Some continue living for the sake of their children, some are too afraid to live on their own, while some do not want to lose the financial stability that a marriage provides. So, if you too have accepted your fate and are not thinking of divorce, there are a number of things that you can do to survive in a loveless relationship.

For starters, stop comparing your marriage to anyone else's. Do not go by somebody else's version of what a perfect relationship should be, as you will never know what exactly is the kind of love and understanding that a couple shares from the outside. When someone said, "No marriage or relationship is perfect", it is absolutely right. What to you may look as the happiest couple, may not be so in reality!

Another thing that you can do is to look at the positive side. Maybe your husband/wife is not as romantic as you wished them to be, but there must be something in them which made you say "I Do" at the altar. It could be that they are very honest or committed to you. Or, maybe, they are very responsible. So, from now on, instead of thinking about what is missing in the marriage, be thankful and appreciate what you have.

It is also important for you to know how a loveless marriage affects a family. Researches show that children of couples who do not love each other are not modeling the right kind of relationship to them. Children are very perceptive, and if their parents do not feel connected to each other in any way, they come to know of it easily. There are great chances that children will behave the same way in relationships when they grow up. So, by staying in a loveless marriage you are not actually doing any favor to your children. Thus, in the end, my advice to you is that any marriage sans love and companionship is not really worth it. So keep this in mind before arriving at your final decision.