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Male Body Language: Understand Your Man Better

Male Body Language
The male body language is not as complicated as the female. However, it has its queer parts. This article is to help all the women at understanding their men better.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
A lot of people are confused about the question of whether the body language of men differs from that of women. Well, certainly, the answer to your questions is a clear YES. The male body language differs from that of females. This article is more for the benefit of the men than the women, because if they learn how to understand a man by looking at the way he behaves, things will be so much easier for the men to communicate.
Body Language Secrets
Most of the books and websites speak only of the flirting body language. In the paragraphs below, you will find some other tips.
Alpha Male's Body Language
When reading the body language of a man, one needs to know that instinctively, men will always have a "superior" posture. Most men prefer to be alpha males. So, let us first get to know their behavioral characteristics.
  • The alpha male will dominate and control the conversation, all the time.
  • He will freely ask questions, and will expect prompt replies. However, he will not offer any self disclosure about himself.
  • He will mostly stand with his hands on his hips and elbows to the sides. This gives them a bigger look, and more personal space.
  • He will never hesitate to interrupt others from speaking.
  • He will stand and sit taller than the others, very much on purpose.
  • He loves to make people wait. He will take time to answer the door, or even the phone.
  • He will freely touch others (appropriately, of course).
  • He demands attention and will stare at people, freely and openly.
  • He will never be the one to break eye contact first. This is because he is used to others breaking eye contact by looking down, displaying submission.
  • He will always take the lead when walking or going through doors.
Normal Body Language
Here are a few body language traits and their meanings.
  • Spreading their legs while sitting and standing: Men do this to show dominance. More so, it makes them seem bigger and take up more personal space.
  • Standing farther away when first talking to a person, or reclining: This is a typical stance when they are talking to someone for the first time. However, this is mostly observed when they are talking to another man for the first time. This keeps them more in control of the conversation, and helps them look at the entire situation from a distance.
  • Coming closer and speaking, after talking for the first time: Once the man has established his control, he will purposely come closer to the person and speak. This is observed with women as well. Men do this to show dominance.
  • Pointing: Yes, men have a tendency to point. As long as he is not pointing at you when standing next to a cop, you don't need to think much of it. For men, pointing is not an insulting gesture, as such.
  • No expression on the face: Women are expressive beings. However, we cannot expect the same from men. Men seldom show expressions on their faces. Even when interested in a conversation, most men have a tendency to have a reserved expression. So, women, don't fret over it.
  • Staring intently: Men stare intently only in two positions, first when they are interested and second at the time of confrontation. So, with reference to the situation, you can take your pick!
  • Fidgeting: Men tend to fidget more than women. Yes, that is because in the presence of women, most men will be a little anxious. Nothing wrong with that right? So, if a man is fidgeting a lot in your presence, realize that you are making him anxious.
  • Fidgeting during conversations: Men fidget, even when they are not nervous. So, if you are talking to a man, and he is playing with a pencil or fidgeting with something else, don't think much of it, it is just the way they are.
Yes, most of these body language signals are annoying to woman. But you also need to know that men don't do these things to annoy women. Our creatures of Mars are simply made that way!
Men are simple and amazing when they choose to be so. Therefore, if you have a doubt about anything that a man may have communicated, the best thing to do is to go and clarify it with him. Be point blank about it, that's how they function. All the best!
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