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Manas Resort: A Romantic Getaway for Couples

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 28, 2019
Rekindle your love, bring the romance back with a romantic getaway at Manas Resort! This couple friendly resort, set amidst the mountains is a perfect place for the lovebirds.

Away from the Urban Hustle and Bustle

Manas Resort is located near Mumbai in the placid hilly settings of Sahyadri, where nature is truly at its best. Tall green trees engulf the resort from all around, making the climate at the resort invigorating and conducive for relaxation. At Manas Resort you are far and wide away from the busy urban life. Weren’t you looking for a place like this?

Budget Friendly Stay

Manas Resort offers lavish stays at its premium villa, signature villa or a royal villa with a mini pool and a private garden. The resort has no dearth of luxury services. You and your loved one can watch movies of your choice, have a champagne breakfast and a candle light dinner, all this is included in the budget friendly - Romantic Bliss package!

Comfortable Stay at Plush Rooms and Suites

Manas Resort offers a wide range of comfy villas, premium rooms and plush suites so that you don’t have to compromise on comfort. The experienced hospitality staff at Manas Resort will look after all your needs carefully, ensuring that your stay is memorable and pleasant!

Rejuvenating Spa Therapy for Couples

Spa therapies are known to be a perfect way to calm your mind and instill a sense of wellness within your body. Manas Resort provides refreshing spa therapies including outdoor yoga and ayurvedic treatments for couples to soothe their senses. So pamper yourself as well as your loved one and feel good with the couple spa therapy at Manas Resort!

Lip-smacking Meals

Good times means good food! Manas Resort has a variety of cuisines. The chefs at Manas Resort are praised for their exceptional culinary skills. You’ll be served delectable food along with locally sourced wine and cocktails that can even be customised for you. Surprise your beau with a spectacular candle light dinner at Manas Resort!

Ideal for Pet-loving Couples

Manas Resort with Petting Zoo is one of its kind of petting zoo where couples can walk-in the zoo and aviaries at anytime of the day and play with dogs, birds and some exotic mammals at the zoo! You can also bring along your pets and have fun time with them, as the resort also organizes various activities for the pets too!

Convenient Destination

Manas Resort in Igatpuri, only 2 hours drive from the city of Mumbai is quick for the lovebirds to escape the city.
So why not plan your next weekend at Manas Resort to celebrate love!