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Signs of Marital Problems You Need to Be Aware Of

Aastha Dogra Mar 19, 2019
Every marriage has its problems. However, there are some problems which can increase over the years and may even break a marriage apart. Here are some sure signs of marital problems.
Staying happily married is not easy. Today, we all have demanding careers, financial stresses, family obligations, and abrupt schedules, all of which can take their toll on any marriage.
Besides these, there are endless problems in every marriage which can result in constant arguments between couples. This makes it extremely difficult to gauge whether one should be concerned about what is happening, or if it is something that all people in relationships experience.

Signs Indicative of Common Marital Problems

Silences Speak No More

It is said that when we are in the company of the people we love, we are equally comfortable in conversations and silences. If however, you feel that it's been ages since you shared something personal or meaningful with your spouse, or if you feel that you are alone and have no one to talk to even in their presence, then it is a warning sign.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

Sex is very important for a marriage to survive. Sexual intimacy is the only bond which people in a relationship share with each other and nobody else. The initial heightened sexual attraction does not normally sustain itself when relationships have passed through various stages.
As relationships progress, sex becomes more loving and comforting. However, if you no longer feel like getting physically intimate with your partner or it has been months since you last had sex, it is time you re-look at your marriage.

Of Fights, Criticism, and Nagging

Couples who are on the verge of a break-up are constantly fighting with each other. They forget that love is all about accepting each others flaws and shortcomings.
If you feel that your partner criticizes you for every small thing--the way you dress, the way you socialize, the kind of work you do, then it may mean that they have given up on you and you no longer appeal to them in any way. If fights and nagging have become so frequent that both of you sleep separately on most nights, it may be an indicator of a divorce.

Taken for Granted

If you feel that you or your partner do not make any effort to keep each other happy and have taken each other for granted, it is indeed a problem for your relationship. If you neglect your spouse or do not talk to them like you used to, it shows that you are headed for a crisis.

Talking About Infidelity

If, when faced with these marital issues, either you or your spouse have started looking outside for love, support, and companionship, it shows that your marriage is in trouble.
Getting attracted to other people is natural; if you now find yourself making efforts to meet or know someone new, it is a sign that you are losing interest in your partner.
If you observe these problems in your marriage, do not be in denial or take things casually as they can lead to depression. To avoid mental turmoil and save your relationship, improve communication with your partner and go for counseling. The sooner you do something about your  problems, the better are the chances to repair your troubled relationship.