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Marrying Your Best Friend

Ahtsham Rana Mar 13, 2019
We have all heard of people who marry their best friends. They met when they were in kindergarten and they are inseparable since that day. They share hundreds of secrets and know their partner in every detail. But, is it really a good idea to marry your best friend? To make it simple: YES. But of course, there exist some cons as well.

Why Marry Your Best Friend

For me, the answer is obvious: You are best friends. For years you have proved to be compatible, you share the same passions and you know each other by heart.

As best friends, you already share all your worries of daily life and also your love. So, you will never need to look for activities to do as a couple.

Pros of Marrying Your Best Friend

You're comfortable with your partner, you know how to have fun and have a good time together. These are two ingredients of a successful romantic relationship.

The third ingredient - Trust
As best friends, you've already learned to trust each other.

The Advantages

He knows you very well.

Your relationship can withstand (almost) everything.

You already know his friends and family.

He knows how to comfort you.

You work well together.

The Disadvantages

Even friendly relationships can grow out of it.

You are not necessarily attracted to each other.

They know you too well.