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Facts About Men and Relationships

Neha Joshi Jan 9, 2019
Men understand everything about a relationship. Surprised? Men and relationships are indeed a topic full of surprises. Men really do understand everything but they might not show it. They are more sensitive than most women in many ways than one. Read on to know more such interesting facts...
This is one topic that women can discuss till eternity and never be satisfied with any conclusion they draw out of any discussion. What attracts men to women and what men want in a woman are the favorite topics of these discussions.
Women usually think that when it comes to men, everything gets complicated not only in a relationship, but everywhere the two sexes come together. Seldom that is the case. Men are more sure about what they want, than most women think they can be.
Yes, things do take time to penetrate those brain cells but we women shouldn't bother about it. Most of the time, men don't understand certain things because they just don't want to. They are better off not knowing things that can get them on the compromising and apologizing side of things.

Interesting Facts about Men and Relationships

Men become totally different people in every relationship. Most men in love might seem really concerned and loving when everything is going on as they want it to be. They'll even shower you with flowers and gifts if you are being exactly what they want you to be (of course, there are those wrong choices who won't).
When a fight begins, they'll still try to avoid it (men hate show of emotions) and try putting it off by diverting your attention to something else. If you start winning the fight, you're in for trouble because your Romeo is sure to turn into someone you never thought. If they don't want the fight, so be it. You want help with the dishes too, don't you?

Men and Casual Relationships

If you ever want to experience how loving men can be, try being in a casual relationship with one sometime. They're at their best when they have no commitments to stick to, no responsibilities to take care of, and more women to look at. Men like variety. Not only when it comes to women, but in almost everything that can offer them something new everyday.
If your man has given signals of it being a casual affair, don't think of yourself as that superwoman who can change his thinking. Any love advice for men in this category is bad advice. 
On the other hand, if it is you who wants it casual, make sure that you've put this in his head at least 100 times. Men can be dangerous creatures when their boundaries are crossed and when their imaginary territory is at stake.

Men and Long Distance Relationships

There are usually only two big problems with men and long distance relationships. One, that they don't give you enough time, and second, you doubt them of having another affair. All other problems are just offshoots of these. There is a lot of insecurity in these type of relationships.
If you think your man is not giving you enough time, tell him. Do not make him understand (every man believes he's a direct descendant of Einstein), just tell him. If he does nothing about it, tell him again. If he still doesn't listen, it's time you dump him. Do not make him understand anything, just dump him.
On the other hand, if they think you are cheating, go to whatever extent you need to, to show them they are wrong. Insecure men and relationships can be difficult to handle. Nothing troubles a man more than someone taking his place. How men fall in love is still a mystery for us to solve, till we do so, just keep him happy and that should be enough.


You've broken up and still feel like seeing each other? Be very careful as this might not really be the breakup you think it is. When the guy says he's ready to change, he might really mean it. So if you think you can give him another chance, do give it.
Men really change when they say they will, and those who think they don't need to, are anyway best not thought or spoken about. Consult someone for relationship advice if you need to.
On the other hand, if he's the one who called it off and still wants to see you, then again there are only two main reasons with the rest being only offshoots. One, he still likes your company and if you too, are willing to keep this casual, you can go ahead and meet him. Second, he really has nothing better to do.


Divorce is a big word. Consider this option after a lot of thinking. A man hates the concept of divorce as much as a woman does. If you want to know what men want in a relationship, don't think too much, just ask them.
Understanding men in relationships can get difficult, but be patient. Divorce is not the answer to everything and never will be. Talking about leaving a man will make him more vulnerable and panicky. Just be careful while dealing with such heavy emotions with men. It's already difficult for a man to show what he feels, try making it easy for him.
However, if you're talking about abusive relationships and the sort where divorce becomes necessary, make sure you do justice to the word. If both of you think separating is the best option for both you, talk it out with friends and relatives before you actually take such a drastic step.
If you're already divorced, knowing about men and relationships after divorce is more important than you think it might be. Specially if you have kids. In these cases, it is best to consult a separation specialist.


There are a lot of issues in every relationship, but none that can't be worked out. This is relationship advice for men and women both, that needs to be taken into consideration at some point to maintain healthy relationships. Here are some tips that might help.
  • Never fake yourself in front of men. It takes them a real long time to fall for someone and if they find out you are not even close to what you pretended to be, you're in for some trouble. In this situation, very few men will just plainly walk away.
The rest will try to make it really difficult for you in one way or the other. Never manipulate a man's feelings and make sure you are loved for who you really are.
  • Do not cling to your man, it's the biggest turn off. Initially men really love the fact that you are dependent on them and might feel all macho about it, but sooner or later they're going to get bored of continuously being available. So, as soon as you can, stop being a leech.
  • Always set your limits in a relationship in the first few days. Men hate drawing the line a few meters before they thought they actually could. They can actually sulk about it like a kid sulks when he's denied his favorite candy, and nothing but that candy will bring them peace.
  • Don't react to everything a man says. Mostly he just says things for the sake of saying something. Give it time and see whether he really means what he says. If you think the topic really needs discussion, talk about it. If not, don't worry, a man will forget things he doesn't need to remember like he never knew them.

What Actions Mean

Understanding (Re)actions

Men don't think and react like women do. So, always remember that you can know the exact meaning of every action/reaction a man does/gives. If he shows he's angry, he's angry. If he shows he's disappointed, he really is. If he shows he's stupid, don't panic, but he really is.

The (Un)wanted Confidence

When a man suddenly shows a lot of confidence when not needed, it means you are really killing it. In such situations, do the poor guy a favor and be nice to him. However, when he shows confidence in doing all the wrong things, it's time to pack your bags and leave. If you can, pack his bags first.

Too Much of Love

Very few men know this, but a woman always knows how much and to what extent a man can love her. So if you can see he's trying to love you more than what he can allow himself, confront him and ask him why. Men can't take confrontation easily so do it with utmost care and loads of love.

What Words Mean

If any man says these words to you in the very first month of your relationship, they mostly mean...
Trust Me: Please do, I don't want to look like a loser playing along for so long and then being dumped.
I Do: I don't right now. But, I might!
I Miss You: Okay, I've said enough sweet words, we can now hang up.
I Love You: I do? (This question mark really stays for a very long time.)
We have to agree that women are the complicated sex, but the more pragmatic ones too. As you can see, it is not very difficult to understand the psychology of men, in their relationships. Hope this relationship advice for women helped and cleared a few things here and there.
Just make sure you don't compromise on two things - love and self respect. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and nothing but patience can work things out. Hope these tips help you in your life!