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Moving on After a Breakup

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 12, 2019
Mourning the demise of a relationship is definitely not easy, but then life moves on and so do people. The sooner you prepare yourself to move on, the less traumatic it will be for you. Enlisted here are some tips to help you heal faster.
Breakups are always difficult for the two people involved. Life suddenly becomes darker, and there is a great void to be dealt with. This phase can be pretty traumatic for the couple, especially for the person who did not initiate the breakup. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this kind of situation.
 Some people may shut themselves away from the world, while others may begin going out and partying like never before. No matter which way you choose, the basic 3-step process of recovering remains the same: mourning, acceptance, and then moving on.

Some Tips to Help You Heal Faster

Do Not Blame

People often resort to playing the blame game after their relationship hits a rock. It is unfair to blame yourself, your partner, or anyone else for that matter. Blaming and pointing fingers won't really help you to move on, it will rather delay the process.
Instead, just think about how whatever happened, happened for a good reason. Do not have bitter feelings for the other person or yourself.

Cry Your Heart Out

The demise of a relationship is no less traumatic than the demise of a person. The very thought that the person you shared so many wonderful moments with will no longer be with you is very depressing.
Hence, do not shy away from expressing your genuine feelings. It's okay to cry out and isolate yourself for a few days, just don't make it a habit. Call a friend who will understand and can offer you some genuine advice.

Do Not Wait for Him/Her to Return

Do not live in the hope that the person you loved will come back to you. Do not try to re-establish contact with the person in the same hope.
Remember that there is no point in 'being friends', as that will only make you more hopeful and postpone dealing with the broken relationship. Instead, leave the past behind and start living your life.

Re-acquaint with Friends and Family

When in a relationship, a couple tends to drift away from their circle of family and friends and gets engrossed into a world of their own. 
So, this is the right time to re-acquaint yourself with those long lost friends and relatives. Go out with them more often and you'll discover that there are other relations in life which are just as important.

Pamper Yourself

Do not feel sorry for yourself, as that can hamper your self-esteem in the long run. Instead, pamper yourself by doing all the things you longed for while you were in the relationship.
Buy some nice clothes, make an appointment at a spa, or take that vacation you so desperately wanted. In short, do all those activities which you wanted to do all those years.

Sort Out the Legal Matters

If there are any legal matters such as shared accommodation, joint bank accounts etc. involved, then sort them out as early as possible. Do not delay these matters, as they may create complications for you in the future and re-open the wounds.

Beware of a New Relationship

Do not rush into a new relationship before you have given yourself enough time to recover from the previous one. It is very easy to fall for the person who offers a shoulder to cry on during your troubled time.
This is the mistake most people do and they end up with another wrong person, which eventually results in a fall-out again. Hence, make sure you are emotionally stable to handle another relationship, and only then proceed.
Moving on after the end of a relationship is not easy, but you can do it. If you face your life positively, you'll emerge a stronger person than you were before.