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New Relationship Advice

Medha Godbole Sep 28, 2018
Entering a new relationship is a bumpy ride. For this journey, which has its fair share of highs and lows, you are better off with some relationship advice from the start. Read on to get some tips and tricks if you feel you have found the man/woman of your dreams.
So, you feel you have finally met the right person and are ready for a new relationship? Okay, that is great news provided you are sure of it. If in case you are skeptical, whoa! Then it is going to be a bit dicey. Especially for those, for whom it is their first ever relationship, it can be a tricky job.
Because it comes with its own set of sensitivities, emotions, apprehensions, and of course that 'moony' feeling about your guy/girl as well. Then how do you deal with this? Well, the best thing to do would be catch hold of a friend in a relationship or who has been in one. Also, go through the text given here.


Amnesia - Memory Loss

If you have been in a relationship in the past, then this is exclusively for you. By memory loss we are making an allusion to forget about your past. Let the bygones be bygones. Things happen, you err. Perhaps ending it was the best thing that could happen to you. Take the cue and move on. Do not brood over it. This is one of the basic new relationship tips.

I, Me, Myself

You might be wondering why are we asking you to think about yourself. But believe us, it works. When in a relationship, just be yourself and know what you want.
Do not try to be someone you are not. It is a surefire way to mess up your life. This applies both to guys as well as girls. Although it is a bit more for girls because some of them do tend to mold themselves in a way that the guy likes. Remember Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth? That is a big no no girls!

Getting Pally

Do not ignore or sideline your friends who have been there with you through thick and thin. Get to know your guy or girl's buddies and create a good rapport with them. This helps strengthening the relationship further.

Honesty, the Best Policy

An extremely important piece of advice is to be frank and honest. Be open about what you think about him or her, or even generally about your life, personal matters, and so on. No relationship can grow without honesty, people!

Once Upon A Time

Please do not scurry off into things, guys and girls. It is a matter of your li'l heart. Take it easy. Give yourself time to get totally immersed in this wonderful feeling. Just as you give yourself time, give time to each other as well, although you can avoid overdoing it. Pining for the next meet will flourish the feelings you have for each other.
Meeting every other day in a new relationship is not a very good idea. Once or twice a week is just about perfect. Even when you meet, your actions need not reflect your feelings to the outsiders beyond a certain extent. That is your own little secret, so keep it between you two!

Maintain the Space

Being busy in your routines is a great way to keep the hots going for each other! Being overwhelmed and having a desire to be together all the time is irresistible. But darlings, giving each other space as well as maintaining outside engagements and interests will add spice to your relationship.


  • Analyze and be clear as to what do you want from your relationship and see if it fits the bill.
  • Never ever go in for one unless you are totally ready to do so. It could be nothing short of a disaster then!
  • Your instincts are your best guides. Hence girls, keep your sixth sense on its toes and read it!
  • Crossing the river when you come to it is the best bet. Avoid spilling the beans that you are thinking of your (both of you) future unless it is the right time.
  • Finally, have faith. Not being jealous and insecure will work towards a healthy relationship.
To say the least, There are no hard and fast rules when it is about matters of the heart. It is like to each his own. The kind of person you are, makes a herculean impact on how you deal with your relationships. Thus, advice will vary for every individual and so will the tips!
So, when are you going for the next rendezvous with your special someone? If you have not fixed it, go ahead, fix it soon! Have a great time! This is where we sign off! All the Best!