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New Relationship Advice for Women

Aastha Dogra May 4, 2019
Those first stages of a new relationship are the best. Everything is magical, the sun is brighter, the grass is greener, and you're happier than ever. To make sure that your love goggles don't get the best of you, here is some relationship advice for women.
If it's a new relationship, you are probably in that fairy tale stage where everything seems good and completely out of this world. The romance is at its peak, the passion is even higher. However, as with all relationships, soon this high tide of emotion gets a reality check.
Sometimes, after two people get to know each other better, the passion takes a back seat. That's why, it is important that before you get too involved with somebody or start depending on someone emotionally, you should know as much about that person as you can.

Useful Relationship Advice

Being friends and getting to know the person is extremely important. See how compatible you are, whether you have some common interests or not, how much each of you is ready to compromise, etc.
Although, most of us are at our best behavior early on in a relationship, look for signs, body language, and behavior of your man and determine his personality. This in no way means that you should not have fun. However, in case you feel that something is wrong, listen to your gut feeling.
Most men enter a relationship to have a good time. So if you want the relationship to work, give him that. Many times women are in such a hurry to reach the next level of a relationship that they forget to enjoy the present.
Take things slow. Don't push commitment just yet. You might be ready, but he may not. Give the relationship some time, relax, and have fun.
Be open and honest with each other. Men like women who are honest and upfront. This does not mean that you have to discuss every little detail of your past. But if you have had an important relationship before, tell your new love about it.
Same goes for your likes, dislikes, things that you are comfortable with, and the things that you are not comfortable with. Do not hide your feelings or expect the guy to understand everything. Tell him politely what is OK with you and what is not. If the guy genuinely has feelings for you, he will respect your past as well as your boundaries.
Having a life of your own is very necessary. Don't get so caught up in your new love and new man that you forget everything else. Your work, studies, friends, and family are equally important.
Moreover, too much attention for him and he'll think you're being needy. Let him know that he is special, but there are other people and things which matter to you too.
Be there for your man. Care for him and support him. Every man wants a dependable woman. Someone with whom he can share his thoughts and feelings.
So, if you want your relationship to grow, be a good listener. This will ensure that whether it is to share his joys or sorrows, you will be the first person he will turn to.
When it comes to relationships and dating, there are no hard and fast rules, as every relationship is different and the people in it are unique. Keep your eyes and ears open, along with your heart.