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Online Dating Etiquette

Aparna Jadhav Mar 2, 2019
There are certain rules to abide by when you are dating someone over the Internet. Let's take a look at those etiquette which both men and women must follow before they plunge into anything.
Online dating can be an act of boldness and bravery as you need to trust the person who might be miles away physically. It is not wrong to fall in love with a complete stranger over the Internet, provided both of you are completely honest with each other.
If two people agree on common grounds to get involved, there have to be certain limits as well as rules. Love is said to be blind and when it's on the other end of the world, you will need some assurance to put your trust and faith in.

Dos and Don'ts

Today, a lot of people find their partners through the many free online dating services that are provided through the Internet facilities. There have been examples of people ending up with their soulmates through this faceless mode of communication. But if you want to be in the game you have to play by the rules.
There are a number of dos and don'ts that you have to follow.
  • Try to be very honest about yourself. If you are afraid of something nasty to happen, make sure you've read the other person's details before you start chatting.
  • Don't lie about your life and family as you might get caught if you happen to get serious with the person. Tell the truth as he/she is expecting you to be honest the same way they are.
  • Make sure you don't reveal everything right away in the first few online meetings and take time for the other person to reply as well. Also don't be very demanding about certain things in their lives as they might not feel comfortable revealing their secrets very soon.
  • Do not use immoral and disrespectful language or words during any type of conversation. Be considerate and don't get personal too fast.
  • Give them space and time to think when you've reached a certain understanding in your relationship. Make sure you are honest with each other throughout it to maintain respect and trust for each other.

For Men

Men are considered to be chivalrous and it is their duty to be gentle and calm when interacting with women. Here are some etiquette which can be used by men when conversing with a woman to avoid any awkward situations.
  • Always reply to a woman even though you are not interested in more conversation. If you don't reply or go offline when she expects a reply, it will definitely leave a wrong impression about your personal etiquette. Convey politely if at all you are not interested in taking things further.
  • If you want to ask for her phone number, be very tactful and tell her you would love to listen to her voice if she doesn't mind. Avoid being very direct and blunt as women hate stubborn questions.
  • Do not get too personal with her if she is letting you know some of her secrets. Be patient and a good listener. Make her feel like she can confide in you.
  • Be honest with her and build a ground of mutual understanding that will make her feel that you too confide in her.
  • Don't talk about sex before she starts the topic. As it is a very sensitive and personal issue, it's always the girl's side who will want to do the talking.
  • If she is not interested in you don't keep mailing her to act desperate, mail her twice and if she doesn't reply, get the hint and move on.

For Women

Women on the other hand are more vulnerable and sometimes can get carried away. These rules will help you draw the line when you want to or guide to towards a potential relationship.
  • When you find an interesting guy, be very casual and don't initiate the conversation. Let the guy make the first move and then you reply.
  • While conversing don't sound very eager to get close as guys can take advantage. Make sure you've done your research before you stay in touch with him.
  • While revealing facts about yourself and your personal information, take care that you don't let out too much too fast. Sometimes it's good to be mysterious, it works in your lead.
  • If you've decided to get serious about him, make him feel comfortable about the entire relationship and if he's had bad experiences, give him a positive feeling.
  • If he's not interested, don't keep mailing him to make him uncomfortable, if there is no reply, let go and move on.
With these suggestions for both men and women, we hope you must have got some idea about how to and how not to behave when you are involved with someone online.