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The Often Overlooked Advantages of a Long-distance Relationship

Neha B Deshpande Jan 1, 2019
A long-distance relationship is often looked down by people, as they believe there are very less chances of it being successful. True, that it is very difficult to make it work, yet, it has its own set of pros over other relationships.
"Long distance is hard. You have to trust that as you each change on your own, your relationship will also change along with you. It takes hope, good humor, and idealism...
...It takes a massive dose of courage to protect the relationship at all odds. It is hard, but worth it. You'll both be stronger as a result."
― Craig M. Mullaney, The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier's Education
Relationships are indeed complicated. Either we don’t spend time with each or we spend too much time with each other, both can create problems. Usually, people think that long distance relationship might just end up in a fling and won’t work long enough to become a serious relationship.
However, some couples have proved that wrong, and have even ended up getting married after pursuing a few years of long-distance courtship. Yes, it is true that love can conquer distances, and though it is very difficult to maintain, there are some amazing benefits of a long-distance relationship (LDR) that we usually tend to ignore.

You Don’t Have to Make an Effort to Look Good Every Time!

Oh, trust us people, this may seem trivial at the first instance, but it is a great, great advantage indeed!
While many of us do love getting decked up for the love of our life, in a long-distance one, you don't have to walk that extra mile just to make him/her happy. You can chat in your pajamas, not worry about wearing the purrrffect dress when he is around. This is a great advantage, specially for the women out there!

You Easily Get the ‘Me’ Time

Whenever one gets into a relationship, friends start feeling neglected. You need not worry about sacrificing your personal space.
He/she cannot encroach into your life and suck up all your time. You also don't have to worry about being available all the time. You're happy, your partner is happy, your friends are happy. In short, the whole world around you is happy.

You Give a Dedicated Time Slot to Each Other

When in an LDR, you understand how difficult is to know how things are going to work out.
Hence, you spend hours chatting with each other to compensate for the distance. You also know that time is precious in your case, hence, you assign a time slot to chat, thus ensuring that you make the most of the available time, and keep away from fights as far as possible.

Better Communication

All your chatting sessions help in the developing and honing of your communication skills. Since you cannot be there personally, you heavily rely on the other factors, yet, communication is possible for certain things.

You Take Special Efforts to Show Your Love

Since you cannot be physically present for each other, to make up for the absence, you try all possible ways to show your love. You ensure that your presence is felt in your partner's life by making up for the loss.

You Do Not Take Each Other for Granted

Admit it folks, we do tend to take each other for granted when we know that our partner will be around us in times of need. In an LDR, you cannot afford to take each other for granted, ever.

More Scope for Poetry and Love Letters

When there is less scope for hugging, kissing, and getting intimate, there is more scope to connect with each other emotionally. There will be more of poetry and love letters.
Time to get your creative juices flowing, since you don't have to limit yourselves to the typical things which other couples do. You can send cards, flowers, messages, and all that is necessary to make a relationship happy.

Importance of Sacrifices

When you're in an LDR, you've got to make a lot of sacrifices. You know it is not possible for your partner to come running when you're in distress. Plus, when you're in different time zones, it might be very difficult to match your timings with work and studies.
When you have a time slot set up finally after making so many adjustments, you cannot afford to miss it, thus, calling for sacrifices of other things. You might have to cancel an outing with your friend, as you don't want to miss that video chat with your beloved one. Well, again, you learn the importance of sacrifices, and you're more than willing to do it.

You Understand Whether the Relationship Is Really Worth It

Having a long-distance relationship is not easy at all, though technology might have simplified things a bit. Of course, it is up to you how much time period you want to keep the relationship running.
It might be a tough decision, but, if there is no scope for either of you to come together and you're not okay with it, reconsider the relationship, else it may end up going nowhere. And for a partner who is overtly suspicious about everything in life, he/she cannot take these things easily. Thus, an LDR ensures if the relationship is really worth your time.

You Get to Make All Wonderful Trips to Meet Your Partner, and Explore Different Parts of the World!

If your partner stays in another part of the world, a trip to meet him/her can be a fulfilling and enriching experience.
Meeting up people from a diverse background can be a wonderful experience of a lifetime. Else, even a road trip to give a surprise visit to him can be a really fulfilling experience. And after the torturous long wait, the meeting is nothing short of a film scene.
Though there are all these benefits, it must be noted that an LDR which has no future of coming together will be very difficult to carry on. However, these amazing advantages prove that an LDR can be equally successful as other relationships.