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Picnic Ideas That Should Be on Every Couple's To-do List

Picnic Ideas for Couples
A break from the daily hassles, perhaps a small vacation, is a perfect way to strengthen the bond with your partner. If you are running short of ideas, read this LoveBondings article.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
If you need some quality time with your loved one and need to escape the city, it is not necessary that you have to splurge on a long vacation. A small trip to the countryside over the weekend might just do the job for you. Let's get to know some ideas that you can consider to unwind.
Picnic Ideas for Two
The way I see it, no vacation can be half as romantic or half as luxurious as a cruise vacation. Of course you get a lot of variety in cruises and they don't always eat into your pockets! Cruises come in all shapes and sizes and if you want a place to go for a couple of days, a short trip into the ocean is just what you may be looking for!
Road Trip
A road trip is one of the best options for families and couples. Pack some food in a picnic basket and dash at the nearest place. You can go on a mini-road trip somewhere just outside the town and relax and then drive back. Where would you go? Well there must be a hill, or a lake, or a beach or something of tourist value near your city! Pack all the stuff you'll need for the day and go ahead, make memories.
If escaping into the wilderness is your idea of a perfect day then a small hike to the nearby mountain is right option. If you are not aware of the countryside, then contact a local expert or a guide and garner information about the same.
If you don't have a beach in your town, you can try driving down the beach which is closest to your place. If you do have a beach in your town, why stick to the same one? Explore and maybe visit the adjoining one. You can just sit, get a nice tan on the beach and do absolutely nothing the whole day. Another option is to engage yourself into some water sports available at that particular beach.
Amusement Park
Amusement and theme parks are a fun and enjoyable getaway for people of all ages! So if you have only a day on your hands and want to have maximum fun on a small budget, then go to an amusement park near your town. Trust me, it'll be loads of fun!
If you have a couple of days off, you can go to a nice scenic place, a nearby beach or a lake would be just perfect, and spend some time with your loved one. Also remember to carry a lot of supplies and a couple of sleeping bags for the night. You can enjoy the night under the stars and have a picnic which you'll simply never forget.