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Best Places to Go on a Date

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 23, 2019
Walking through parks and midnight drives can get monotonous. Let's explore some more options where you can take your date within the city limits.
Finally you've made the move and the tough part is over. But what next? Can't think of places to visit to make your date memorable? Dating and especially the first dates can seem confusing, if you are a first timer. While selecting a place for a date, keep your comfort in mind.
Putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation will kill the joy of spending time with your special one. Dates are about knowing each other and enjoying each others' company. Moreover, dates are your chance of making an impression or rekindling the romance in your life.

In Los Angeles

Romantic dinner ideas and close dances get boring after a while. If you have been dating for quite sometime, you surely have been there and done all of this. So ignite the lost fire this weekend by driving down to Los Angeles.
This land of amusement and adventure definitely has a lot to offer. Spend the day at Disneyland with the love of your life, taking rides, and eating to your heart's content. This date idea will bring out the child in you.
Another place you can go in LA is Santa Monica Pier. This place has over 200 arcade games, an aquarium of 30 different species of marine life, and innumerable rides to keep you occupied all day long.


A date can very much be the starting point of a relationship, or if you have been in a relationship for long, a date is a way of making some of your fondest memories.
So, if you live in NYC, there are a lot of romantic spots that you can pick from to make your date with the special someone interactive and totally rewarding. To begin with, Cloisters is a brilliant option. Located in Upper Manhattan, the medieval ambiance and the cobbled pathways are perfect for those hand-in-hand walks.
Chelsea Piers, the famous landmark, houses a lot of sport activities and eateries to keep you occupied all day long. Other option is the Make Studios, where you can paint pottery. Not a bad idea to awaken the artist in you. One raunchier option is the Museum of Sex. Located in downtown Manhattan, this museum studies the history of sex and pop culture.

In Chicago

For those living in Chicago, there are plenty of places that you can visit. To begin with, if both of you love sight seeing, then the historical Chicago Riverwalk is the place for you.
Then comes the Botanic Gardens, a perfect place for candid photographs and romantic walks amidst beautiful flowers. Let's not forget the Risqué Café where you can enjoy a few beers on a warm sunny afternoon. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, then Tsuki is the place.
Any place can be turned into your personal heaven if you choose to. What matters is that your date goes off well and the two of you have a wonderful time.