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Creative and Unique Prom Proposal Ideas You Really Need to Try

Prom Proposal Ideas
Are you finding it difficult to ask your girl out to the prom? Or is it something like you just want to be creative in doing so? Well, here are a few creative prom proposal ideas. Keep reading.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Your tux is ready, the venue is decided, the car is ready, and the only thing left is to ask your girl to the prom! Nervous! Well, I will try to make it easy for you. You know girls like creativity and uniqueness. It just tells her that you have made an effort to plan things for her. She feels special about herself. And she will never let your effort go waste. You just have to be different and creative in asking her to the prom, a YES is assured then. If you can't think of creative prom proposal ideas or you are looking for innovative ideas for a friend to help him get his girl, look no further. Just scroll down, you probably wanna thank me after reading the same.
Creative Prom Proposal Ideas
❦ Prepare e-Cards
Prom night invitation card
If you have been dating the girl you want to ask to the prom night, and you know she is going to accept your proposal, but you just want to make it a little different while asking her out, prepare e-Cards with pictures of the two of you. Give it a personalized music piece that you both associate yourselves with, and at the end have the question "will you go to prom with me".
❦ Fortune Cookies
Fortune cookies
If you are thinking of asking a girl you do not know about much, and wanna impress her, you have to be creative dude. You can have a note written in a fortune cookie asking her out to the prom, and have it delivered to her. Do not forget to mention your name! It's a cute and creative way of asking her to the prom.
❦ Ice Breaking Trick
You guys have just broken eyes, but you are sure of that girl being your prom partner. I have a good idea. How about having a note frozen in an ice-cube and have it delivered to her. Make sure the note contains lines like "now that we have broken eyes (ice), would you like to go to prom with me". This is definitely gonna make her smile and she would appreciate your sense of humor.
❦ Watch Movies Together
Group of friends watching TV
Order for some prom movies like She's All That, Grease, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Pretty in Pink. Invite her along you can call some common friends too and watch the movies together. At the end of it, pose your prom proposal question to her. She will surely agree!
❦ Decorate Her Car or Room
Flowers on marble fireplace
This prom proposal idea would need her parents or siblings help. Get her car or room decorated with balloons, while she is in the class or away for some work (in short, in her absence). Include a postcard or a note asking her out to go to the prom with you. The mushier you get, the more she will be tempted to accept your proposal! Bottom line, girls like mushy things said or done for them!
❦ Scavenger Hunt
Have notes attached to a few of her favorite things and create a sense of inquisitiveness with the notes. Like you can have a note with her scarf, her wallet, her perfume bottle and so on. Now, how you do it? Come on, find a way out, seek help from her closest friend or something like that. The end note can lead her to you and you can have an "in person proposal". She is sure to be impressed with the effort that went into planning the whole hunt!
❦ Slide Show
Watching photos on tablet
If the two of you are seeing each other for quite some time, nothing better than this prom proposal idea. Prepare a slide show having pictures of the two of you. Have a fantastic and cute music piece in the background. End the slide show with the slide asking her out to prom. Awww! She is going to be overwhelmed and very impressed about making it different in asking her out to the prom.
❦ Driveway Chalk
Chalk and blackboard
If your girl drives a car or even better if she walks her way back home after school / college, write "will you go to the prom with me", followed by your name in her driveway. Make sure you do not embarrass her or get into any problem because of writing in her driveway.
❦ Note in Her Textbook
Writing on notebook
This prom proposal idea would be a little safe. It would be a nice subtle way for asking her to the prom. You can slide a note which says "will you go to the prom with me", into her notebook or textbook. This might work as a pleasant surprise to her, and her acceptance would be assured.
❦ Sing it to Her
Now this one is a fun prom proposal idea. Trust me, she is sure to love the way you asked her to the prom. If you are good at singing, sing a cute proposal song for her. This has to be done in the midst of the classroom amongst all friends and colleagues. Compose a song or just modify the lyrics of a certain proposal song, there are many. I have a song by Vanessa Carlton - Pretty Baby (a little modification), it goes like this-
Boy singing song
Pretty baby don't you leave me
have been saving smiles for you
pretty baby, why can't you see
you're the one that i belong to
I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm
for you're the sun that breaks the storm
I'll be alright and I'll sleep sound
As long as you come along, oh pretty baby
So, well equipped with the prom proposal ideas? just go ahead and hit it buddy! Your acceptance is assured. All the very best.