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Rainy Day Activities for Couples to Regain the Romantic Connection

Rainy Day Activities For Couples
There are many rainy day activities for couples which allow you to reconnect with your partner and forge a hard to break bond. Read this LoveBondings post to catch hold of some of the liveliest activities that you can carry on with your beloved.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
They say, great couples can weather all storms, so a little rain isn't going to dampen their spirits. For some couples, when it rains the clouds not only pour down water, but they bring little drops of romance. Hollywood has also capitalized on the rainy day romances by showing couples kissing in the rain, the image of Spiderman kissing Mary Jane in the rain while hanging upside down is legendary. While it is not recommended for safety reasons, there are many other rainy day activities for couples which you can do to keep yourself occupied. Do not let the rain be a spoil sport, have fun, indulge, and think out of the box to take your relationship to the next level.
Board Games: In the great tradition of indoor fun, some board games can really help you pass the time and help you connect with your inner child. Challenge your and your partners intellect with a game of chess, if you like to be adventurous bet some hard-earned money on your skills and see the game go to the next level. Monopoly can also get very interesting over some hot coffee and steaming chocolate while listening to the rain drops in the background. Wear your thinking hats and test your vocabulary with a game of scrabble. To make it interesting allow the use of curse words. One of the most interesting rainy day games for adults, if you like to heat up things, is to challenge your partner for a game of strip poker.
Movies: A great way to relax, is to watch a movie together. Select a movie which you will enjoy together. Old romantic movies seem to do the trick for most couples with their touching dialogs and a sense of fashion of the long gone era. Popcorn and wine should do the trick of setting you in the right set of mind. You could also opt for a romantic comedy. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine. Some couples are also known to enjoy horror movies in each others arms, so get your collection out and experience some chills go down your spine with thunder and rain in the background.
Cleaning: Doing a chore around the house together can forge some deep bonds between couples according to some relationship counselors. If you have some pending laundry or the attic has become messy, cleaning up can be one of your rainy day activity to remember. Anyway, cleaning is on most people's list of things to do on a rainy day and it can be one of the fun things to do when you're bored at home.
If you and your partner have an indomitable spirit and would like to venture out even if it's raining, there are many activities awaiting you. If you think a little rain never hurt anyone there are some very romantic things you could do as part of your outdoor activities.
Dancing: Head out to the club where your favorite DJ plays and dance to the tunes of some hypnotizing music. 'Going clubbing' has become one of the most written, status messages on many social networking sites, so why should you be left behind, rain or no rain have a ball.
Games: Round of pool with the juke box playing your favorite tunes in the backdrop can be very enjoyable. A game of darts and beer at your local pub can also liven up your spirit, just make sure you have a designated driver before you let your hair loose.
One of the most romantic activities for couples is going for a long drive and park at a spot with a view. A few choose to walk on the street, arm in arm under one umbrella, they say the thrill of being so close to the rain while not getting wet is a memory to cherish.
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