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Rainy Day Date: These Ideas are Just Perfect and Oh-so-sensuous!

Rainy Day Date Ideas
Aren't rainy days the most perfect way of getting some romance in the way? Of planning some great escapades with the significant other? They sure are. But what will you plan for a rainy day? How about a perfect date? Given below are some of the best ideas that you can draw inspiration from and go on to make the day a memorable one.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Let's hide under an umbrella
It all began on a rainy day...
The sky opened up and poured out. She waited under the shelter. A little in, a little out.
Half drenched, half shivering, half anticipating, half quivering.
She looked over at him, looking at the downcast sky.
He approached her slowly. Torturous steps. One, then five.
He came over. She looked down.
He pulled her closer, kissed away that frown.
Even as it poured and the lightening played its game.
Nothing would remain as it was before, nothing would remain the same.
Couples are made on rainy days. Of this I know. That is the potential that rainy days hold. What is it about them? The raindrops on fevered skin? The raging thunder? The smell of fresh earth? The lush green expanse? The way the sky opens up and clears everything in its wake? What is it about rainy days?
For utter romantics, rainy days are a boon, for some others, they pray they end soon. This article is for them then, for those who have someone special but don't really know what to do. How about some rainy day date ideas? Something that you can do? Ideas there are several and we promise we'll make them count. You go on to read them then and see to what they'll amount. Draw inspiration, drive the boredom away, then go do with that day, what one only can, on a rainy day.
Enough rhyming. Let's get you some good date ideas for rainy days like we promised. A thorough reading and then lots and lots of planning for these rainy day activities.
Fun Date Ideas for Rainy Days
Swim in the Sea
Healthy lifestyle
Never tried it, have you? Can't tell you the rush it can bring with the water droplets falling on you while you'll are swimming. So when the rainy season starts and is underway, you get yourself and the other to the pool or the lake and swim away. Then get out of the water and attack a hot cup of coffee and a heavy meal. What more could you ask for?
On a Mountain
Showing the way
Like literally. Get yourself on a hill and just sit there watching the expanse below. Cycle your way up if you'll are the adventure and outdoorsy kind. Carry sandwiches and a thermos full of piping hot tea, then sit under some umbrellas and enjoy the day.
Dance in the Rain
Oh Yes! This time belongs to us
Swear it's fun. If not out in the public, then in your own backyard. Blast some music, maybe call some friends over and then dance the eve away. Then down a shot of tea or tequila for a warm rush inside. Mmmm. Can you find a more awesome activity to do on a rainy day?
Walk in the Rain
Man and woman holding hands in rain
Cliché, cliché? So what? It is still one of the best rainy day date ideas. All you have to do is lock hands, and then take a walk in the park. Then when you're drenched to the bone, find a hot dog vendor and order for a hot and spicy hot dog. What a date it will be. What a date.
Treasure Hunt
Invoke the spirit of adventure and go on to a game of treasure hunt. Each of you hide some objects in the garden and then hand over a list of the same to the other. Time yourself and find the amount of objects that each can find. Ensure that you're wearing the right kind of footwear and all the safety features in the garden have been taken care of. Then go have a blast.
Cook a Meal
We barbecue anytime, anywhere
Not the mundane food I'm talking about here, but something better. Make it a steamy affair and cook up dishes like gooey chocolate cakes. The fact that the two of you are in such close quarters cooking and baking, and the kitchen filled with the aroma... So much potential this date has.
Catch a Movie
Romantic time in the rain
When it's cold outside, you get warm inside. Wear your jammies and do a marathon of the most romantic movies in your list of favorites. Then as the movie progresses, you can draw inspiration and act out select scenes of your own.
Catch a Movie
When it's cold outside, you get warm inside. Wear your jammies and do a marathon of the most romantic movies in your list of favorites. Then as the movie progresses, you can draw inspiration and act out select scenes of your own.
Rainy days are rainy days. And if it's the 'him and you' or the 'you and her' equation, then what's more to ask for? Nothing more, really. So you pick out a date idea from the list above and make that one really count. Go on, don't waste a rainy day.