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Reasons for a Divorce

Reasons for a Divorce
Reasons for divorcing can be acceptable to some and unacceptable to many. Even in today's age, where commitment is something we associate with a profession, there are many people who do believe in an ever after and look down upon divorce. So, what are the genuine and legit reasons for ending a matrimony? Let's see.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
To begin with, whichever part of the world you may focus on, the number of divorces seems to be on an all-time rise. Many blame that people have started becoming more selfish and taking the sanctity of marriage lightly. I have a different opinion. I blame evolution. Human beings and minds are evolving to an extent, wherein we can see the finer things. We have come to believe that if something does not make us happy, then carrying on with it is a bigger mistake. So, is divorce correct? Yes and No. If the grounds for a divorce are correct, then the divorce is correct; else, it could be a big mistake.
Acceptable Reasons

Infidelity: This is one of the top reasons why couples divorce. A cheating wife or a husband can often be a lot for a person to handle, resulting in a decision to get a divorce. Emotional cheating in a relationship, also, often leads to a divorce.
Zero Empathy: Lack of empathy in a relationship is a viable reason to end the relation. Lack of empathy in a marriage often leads to a brutal and disturbing divorce.
Abuse: Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse is a very strong reason for one to get a divorce. Rather than hanging around in the abusive relationship, and hoping for your partner to change miraculously; get a divorce and save your soul.
Bigamy: While this is not a common affair in the western world, other parts of the world face this problem quite often. Unreasonable bigamy (as certain cultures do allow it under certain circumstances), is a very strong and legitimate reason for one to get a divorce.
Intellectual Incompatibility: If a couple is not compatible intellectually, they will not be able to carry on the relationship in the long run. While sexual compatibility may allow them to feel good about the marriage in the start, the lack of mental and intellectual bonding could cause a rift, leading to a divorce.
Lack of Communication: While many may deny having this relationship issue, it is quite common. Many a couple hurry into matrimony, as they are "so in love" with each other. One needs to figure out the "reasons why I love you" before agreeing to say "i do". Marriage requires complete and open communication, to survive all the rough rides.
Romanticizing: Many people have the tendency to romanticize marriage. They have very high and mighty expectations from the institution. As such, when reality strikes, they cannot handle it. Many such people live in a bubble or in the honeymoon stage of marriage, till they actually face difficulties. Not being able to handle it, they opt for a divorce.
Early Marriage: Teen marriages have a very high chance of ending in a divorce. This is because, the individuals are not matured and take the decision in a hurry. While there is no doubt that they are in love with each other, they are not mentally ready to go through life and its challenges, together. More so, many of them grow apart while growing up.
Abandonment: If a person abandons his spouse, it is a very legitimate reason to get a divorce. As the person has gone against the marriage and not taken the institution seriously, in the first place. The abandoned spouse could opt for a divorce. I am sure that they can manage a huge alimony as well. One may get a divorce simply out of the fear of abandonment, which is not entirely correct.
Hidden Sexuality: In many cases, a spouse "comes out" a while after the marriage. As such a divorce is the best option. This is because it gives both the individuals the freedom to go on in life without being tagged to each other. In case of a couple with children, they often opt for a shared custody. These divorces, are mostly quite friendly. Unless, the straight spouse takes offense to the "changed sexuality" of the other.
Other than these reasons, many more are cited in divorce cases. Let us see them as well.
Biblical Reasons

These are the reasons that are acceptable in the eyes of God, according to the Bible. While the other reasons for marriage stand true and hold water, these are the two reasons that are acceptable in biblical terms.
Adultery: If a partner indulges in adultery, to an extent that may be unacceptable to the other partner, they can opt for a divorce. As one of them has broken the sanctity of marriage and been indiscreet, the marriage does not stand. As such, one has all rights to get a divorce from a cheating spouse.
Abandonment: As per the Bible, one can ask for a divorce, if they are abandoned. This is because, it is the duty of a spouse to stand by their partner, in sickness and in health, through thick and thin. As such, abandonment means that they have broken a vow. Making it a very valid reason to opt for a divorce.
Marriage is a commitment, not for the society, but for oneself. When saying that you will take a person in holy matrimony till death parts you, work at it. Many take the easy way out and opt out of a marriage as soon as the tide gets rough. Think it through. No matter what your reasons are for filing for a divorce, consider the pros and cons of staying and leaving. Even if your reason is not mentioned in the above list, follow it through, if that is what you believe is right. This is where I sign off! Take care!
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