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Reasons Why Men With Dogs Make Good Boyfriends

Buzzle Staff Jan 10, 2019
Intelligent, steadfast, and faithful, a dog is man's best friend. A guy who has a pet dog possesses qualities that girls find appealing. Because he imbibes some qualities of his furry friend. Guys who love their pets are believed to be loyal and faithful, and make good boyfriends.
Guys with pet dogs are responsible, paternal, dutiful. They are aware of their responsibilities - when to bathe them, feed them, walk them, take extra care when they are sick. Their dogs have prompted them to embrace fatherhood willingly, and they will make wonderful dads.
Men with dogs are generally adept at proper scheduling; their plans revolve around their pet. They know when to take them for walks, when to feed, when and how to adjust their work as per their pet's convenience. So, they are more understanding and can be good planners, be it dates, housekeeping, finances, or more.
Guys having pet dogs are accustomed to cleaning their pet's poop, bathing them, and cleaning the mess their pets create at home. They are tolerant about having a disorganized home, and are adept at cleaning it properly as well.
Likewise, you can be rest assured that they can handle the emotional mess in your life, if any, equally well.
Dogs are mediators and help forge lasting bonds. It is no surprise that most guys with dogs are very friendly. Just like their faithful friends, these guys generally enjoy company, make friends easily, admire people with pets, and are, in general, sympathetic and open to sharing.
Dogs, by nature, are sharp, intuitive, and protective. You can be rest assured, therefore, that your man is likely to take cue from his pet and be equally protective of his loved ones.
This instinct basically arises from the love he has for his pet; he is perhaps more protective and concerned about his pet than himself. Consequently, his protective nature prompts him to take care of his girlfriend, parents, or friends.
Most dogs are very active and require periodic exercise, walks, to say the least. Men with dogs are accustomed to spending time outdoors with their pets, and are likely to gear up for physical activity without complaints.
Dogs love to exhibit affection - they love to hug, cuddle, curl, lap up, and snuggle. Guys with dogs are thus, obviously open to showing love. They would love to cuddle their pet, and will not hesitate to cuddle you or kiss you or exhibit their affection in any way.
Obviously, you cannot lead an ultra-disciplined life when you have dogs. They may puke, pee, poop, chew, and mess up the surroundings at any given point of time. Most guys with dogs are thus not the personification of the ultimate perfectionist.
They carry this attitude in their lives as well. They are patient, loving, and prefer cleaning up the problem instead of freaking out.
If they can love their pets more than themselves, you gotta be sure they will love you as much!
Most guys with dogs have big hearts, it's no wonder that girls find such guys attractive. You'll also be able to easily determine his personality, whether he is mischievous, loving, sensible, protective, depending on the personality of his pet. Or, perhaps a combination of all.
Nothing is weird for them, everything you do with your dog is normal in their dictionary. Whether you click a million photos of your pet, speak to him in an endearing tongue, roll in the garden with him, or if you think that your pet should be your best man - all is good!
You can introduce him to your dog and vice-versa, and introduce your dogs as well. Your dogs find a companion and so do you, you guys can have great fun together, perhaps even a double date! He'll love and adore your dog, and will understand your emotions perfectly!
You don't have to worry about leaving your dog alone in case you have an emergency. Your boyfriend will be more than willing to dogsit.
You'll probably bond over dog problems, he'll stand by you when your dog is sick or is suffering, and will offer complete support. Not just in case of your pet, but even in life. They understand true love and care, thanks to their canine friends. They are more than likely to be solid, stable, and devoted.