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Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

Renuka Savant Jan 10, 2019
As if traveling wasn't fun already, there is a way you can make it better - by just taking your partner along! We're listing out reasons why couples who travel together, stay together.
"Travel is like love, mostly because it's a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end."
Travel is exciting. It's fun. It's invigorating. It transforms you. It enlivens you. It teaches you to breathe, smell, taste―all in a manner which you've never done before. Traveling is also a great leveler. It teaches you to be more open minded, accommodating, sensitive even.
And then to imagine experiencing these tumultuous emotions all by yourself―not that it's bad―but wouldn't it be better to share this experience with someone you cherish, or perhaps even love?

Reasons Why Traveling As A Couple Is Awesome

Traveling together can do wonders for your relationship. And if you're harboring doubts about it, you've got to read ahead.

Because It’s Scary As Hell, and Yet Completely Worth It

It doesn't matter if you're new lovers, old lovers, secret lovers, or friends with benefits, taking a trip together is a must, and here's why.
Spending routine days together is just about fine, but if you really wish to strengthen your bond, you've got to get out of that comfort zone of yours. Traveling brings with it a number of challenges―we're talking motion sickness, unexpected weather changes, flight delays, bad hotels, stale food, and let's not forget, unrealized expectations.
However, if you both brave through these challenges and emerge unscathed, you've got yourself a partner of a lifetime. Also, being with a person 24/7, away from home isn't as easy as you think it is. Often, people confess of seeing an entirely different side of their partner while on vacation―whether they like it or not is a different story altogether.

Because It’s the Perfect Recipe for Romance

If you're feeling that the romance is slipping away, the first advisable solution is to take a nice holiday as a couple. A cozy, romantic escapade breathes life into a relationship like nothing else can.
Picture this―there are no meals to cook, no workplace to speak of, no rush hour traffic to deal with. Instead, all you have is room service and perhaps a stellar view from your hotel room. Taking a break from your mundane life is the way to reignite the passion and sense of adventure that you once shared.

Because It’s How You Make Memories

Every sip of that delicious local wine, every minute of that epic hike, and even that boring layover after an exhausting flight becomes a sweet memory in hindsight.
You may have gotten lost in the cobbled lanes of Rome, or had the worst case of altitude sickness in the Himalayas, each of these experiences makes for a fantastic memory, just like the ones you'd be proud to pass on to your future generations.

Because Happiness When Shared Can Only Double

Our beautiful planet has so much for us to explore, only if we're willing to. While it's true that solitary travel builds character like nothing else can, a journey with your partner can be immensely satisfying as well.
The jaw-dropping beauty of the Northern Lights, for instance, can knock your breath off. But when you have the steadying hand of a companion to hold on to while you watch these miracles, it binds you for life.
Your skeptical mind may sense exaggeration here, but nature has an uncanny way of humbling us and sensitizing us towards the things that matter. Mother Nature teaches us a lot, if you're perceptive enough to learn from her, and couples who share this enlightenment often remain bonded for life.

Because, Selfies!

Admit it―aren't you at least a weeny bit jealous when your couple friends share cozy Instagrams of them sunbathing on a Maldivian beach or sharing a gelato near the Trevi Fountain?
But why wallow in your sorrow, when those two could totally be you two? You see, a vacation need not always involve fancy hotels, chartered planes, or exotic locales. Any town that isn't yours is worthy of exploring, as long as you have the will and of course, a small budget as well.
We could come up with a hundred other reasons, and then some more, if it would urge you to travel as a couple. But you see, this needs a little willingness from the two of you as well. Traveling, they say is a highly addictive aphrodisiac. Sadly, you wouldn't know of it if you never give it a try.