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Do People Really Fall Out Of Love? Yes. Here are the Reasons Why

9 Reasons Why People Fall Out Of Love
It takes a moment to fall in love, but a lifetime to stay be in it. As you grow old your love for each other needs to change with you, if not then your love will succumb to the wounds of time.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Bring Back the Sparks
• Instead of being romantic, do fun things together―go dancing, trekking, or anything that you'd love to do.
• Hang out with your friends for a while, this gives you a break from your routine.
• Maintain physical contact, gently brush your hand against hers, touch his shoulder, hold hands, etc.. to feel more connected to each other.
They say love overcomes all. It is the most overwhelming and humbling thing you will ever experience. That warm fuzzy feeling that melts your heart, makes you blush and your soul smile―nothing can beat it.

Sometimes this love is forever lasting, most of the time, it unfortunately means an inevitable heartache. Why is it that people who were so-in-love with each other are suddenly not in love anymore. Well, some say that's because we are designed that way. We need to keep falling in love with the same person over and over again to keep it going.

It is only when we decide that we can't keep doing this anymore, that we truly fall out of love with that person. The reasons for this may be different for different people but for most of them, they are quiet similar to the ones mentioned below.
A lover may hold on to a relationship even if ten things weren't going his or her way. But when they discover the fact that their partner was dishonest, nothing can change the way they feel as radically as this. It may be difficult, but the truth needs to be told, at the right time, in order to maintain the trust, respect, and love in a relationship.
Emotional Discontentment
We all want to feel loved, needed, and cared for in a relationship. With time, people might stop putting in efforts into their relationship. Subsequently, their partners feel taken for granted. With time, as the partner faces one disappointment after the other, there comes a point when he/she simply becomes indifferent. A relationship is like a plant, it needs to be fed with love and appreciation every now and then, else it withers.
Constant Criticism
constant criticism
It's one thing to point out some things that may really bother a person in order to make the relationship work. But constant nagging about everything the other person does wrong, definitely kills all the warmth the person may develop. The constant need to criticize someone, hampers the partner's self-esteem and drains him/her out. Eventually, he may feel the need to cut himself off completely in order to protect his self-esteem from the hostile bludgeoning of his partner.
Holding Grudges
Holding on to things that hurt will only hurt some more. Issues from the past need to be talked over and resolved, and then forgotten. Things that are held on to for too long are like a rust to a relationship, they'll break everything down. Everyone makes a few mistakes along the road, learning to forgive each other, and moving on will help build a nurturing relationship.
A relationship loses its spark when people stop working on it. Doing the same things over and over, and not taking the initiative to plan something new, takes away all the passion from the relationship. A new experience every once in a while, just to break the monotony, could help a couple thrive together.
Failure to Communicate
failure to communicate
Effectively communicating problems or needs with each other is key to make any relationship work. Some people may not tell their partners about things that really bums them out. These unexpressed emotions, with time, turn into frustration and resentment towards their partners.
Inability to Evolve
To be in a long-lasting relationship, one must have the ability to adapt to changes in the dynamics of the relationship that may come along the way. Partners must learn to evolve with each other and learn to want similar things in life. When individuals grow apart and inculcate different ideas of things in life and their future, it results in perpetual conflicts of interests until they finally drift apart.
Loss of Independence
Every individual in a relationship needs some space. It is important that they retain some "me" time to nurture their individuality. It is important to take some time off, to hang out with friends. This helps avoid resentment that may kick in due to the sacrifice of one's independence.
Mistaking Love for Lust
Is it love or is it lust? You never know until a few passionate nights have burned out. A relationship based on physical attraction is definitely not as deep-rooted as one formed on the basis of mutual admiration, trust, and common interest. With time, as the initial excitement fades, sadly, the love too fades away.