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14 Reasons Why Single Parents Are The Best People To Date

Smruti Hingnikar Dec 1, 2018
A person could be a single parent due to many reasons. And so are the reasons why they could be one of the best people to date. They are a complete package of love, care, responsibility, and maturity.
It takes a lot to date a person who already has a kid in his/her life. First, it's a big decision and not everybody's cup of tea. Second, if you somehow decide to date such an individual, then it requires a lot of patience, love, and understanding.
But honestly, single fathers or single mothers are one of the best people to date and all your efforts in this relation will be valued and totally worth it. Some of the perks of dating single parents are jotted further.

14 Reasons Why You Should Date Single Parents

They have reached a point where there is no place for self-pride. They do not differentiate on the basis of man, woman, mother, father, caste, and other such criteria. They deal with all together a bigger side of life everyday by parenting a kid alone.
Right from a stupid prick or bruise to major issues with your job or house. They will care about every damn thing and will help you deal with them. You feel safe and protected around them.
They have to be. No option. Their life is divided into several time slots each dedicated to a specific task like waking up, working out, finding time for themselves, job, nurturing a baby, taking him/her to the doctor or meeting with someone. It is all scheduled, and they have to be on time for each one of it.
They might become a kid while playing with their kid, but in reality, they are mature and understanding. Maturity came to them as they became a parent. They will try to understand you without being judgmental. If you want to take it slow and explain them your views, they will surely empathize without making any fuss.
They precisely know how other parents feel. How do they react in certain situations. How do they try to get along with their child's friend and make them comfortable. They know it all, because that is what they also do. So, it's easy for them to win your parents' heart.
No.. No! Don't try to peep inside it. You might get lost. Just name the thing, they will pull it out from that magic bag. Fever? Thermometer. Hungry? Cookies. Wound? Band-Aid. Dirty? hand wash. Murder? Knife!! (Kidding).
They know it because they too have set some for others. Their child is their first and foremost priority. Anything and everything comes later. They know when exactly to stop, when to keep pace, when to talk, when not to, when to introduce you to their child, everything. They know the correct time for every step.
They are generous souls. Sharing gives them happiness and seeing people happy, satisfies them. They are not those self-centered species who find pleasure in every relationship.
If not all, at least this can be assured that they will turn out to be a great mom or dad in future, because they know how to deal with kids.
They will never discourage you for your future aspirations. They will, in fact, help you reach your goals. And they can be extremely patient. They are fully aware that a few things take time.
They will not judge you by your appearance. You can meet them on a bad hair day with no lipstick on. They will not even notice that. Instead, they might actually like you for not putting up a facade. They value your nature and character over other things.
Really, they are Johnny Depp in that department. Their range of versatility goes from being a doctor, mother, father, teacher, friend, philosopher, guide, kid, plumber, to virtually anything!
This is an undeniable fact that they are damn sexy. Not only in bed but also the way they carry themselves. You will be awestruck by their personality, which they have developed in spite of such a busy and hectic life schedule. They are just fantastic.
They don't believe in beating around the bush. They are direct and clear about their intentions. If they are looking for a life partner in you, they will just say so. If not, they will be blunt about being friends and not cross that family line.