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11 Surprisingly Strong Reasons Why Women Stay With Men Who Cheat

11 Reasons Why Women Stay With Men Who Cheat
"Your husband cheated on you, go on, file for divorce", but she replies "no, I will stay with him". It's hard to fathom why on earth would a woman choose to stay in a relationship with a man who has betrayed her. Yet, there are lot of women who accept infidelity and continue their relationship.
Jhulin Bihari
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Many women's clothing and jewelry brands promote women as bold, strong, and independent, but yet, for many women, their lives seem anything but that. It is not easy to walk away from a failed relationship or a cheating partner. We, as normal humans, may not understand the reasons for putting up with a cheating partner. But we have to accept that many do, and the reasons must be fairly compelling to take such a life-altering decision.
It's engraved in mind - "He will change"
Somehow, these women believe that their love will bring about a change in their partners. They even remain hopeful about relationship counseling by which they can have a new start and their beloved will mend his ways.
She doesn't want to look like a failure
Many women don't want to accept that they have lost their beloved. It's disturbing for them to accept that someone who meant the world to them is now taken away by someone else. They hate to admit defeat in love.
She is afraid of change
It has been a long time since she and her partner have been in a relationship. They have mutual trust for each other, and they have shared a comfort zone. On being cheated, it is hard on her part to accept this harsh reality. She is filled with fear and uncertainty; change scares her. She cannot get over the illusion of a happy love life, so she decides to stay with her cheating partner.
She is too attached to him
Love is powerful when you believe in it. Betrayal and infidelity do not rule out love fast. She wants to be safe in the "love cocoon", and this makes women do extraordinary things like forgiving infidelity. If she is married, then she is serious about her marriage vows and wants to abide by each word. The bitter end doesn't tear her apart, instead she wants to forgive and continue.
Lacks confidence in herself
She is not confident enough to let things go. On being cheated, she becomes vulnerable which leads to self-accusations, blame games, and excuses. These things happen when she doesn't value herself or believes that her life is incomplete without her partner.
A strong past with him
She must have invested in energy, time, and money. She is ached with her partner's infidelity because of strong emotional involvement in the past. So, moving on becomes difficult and she gets wrapped up in her own fear of the impending unknown. She believes her love life, may improve so, taking him back seems the best option.
A professional agenda
career choices
Many women have professional and personal aspirations and goals that compel them to stay with a cheating partner.
Finances worry her
no compromise
Besides her love life, financial uncertainty prevents her from walking out of a broken relationship. Sometimes, the mere thought of compromising on her lifestyle prompts her to tolerate her partner's infidelity.
Family priority
intact family
Many women choose to stay with their cheating partners because they don't want the family to suffer in any way. They want to keep the relation between their kids and husbands intact.
Social circle gets affected
In many societies and cultures around the globe, society frown upon a divorced or separated woman, she is considered a potential threat to all her married friends. So, people start distancing themselves. In order to keep her social life active and healthy, she covers her partner's infidelity and showcases a normal healthy marriage.
The thought - "No one is perfect"
Some women swear by the saying "to err is human", so they think that any relationship has its fair share of ups and downs, so staying in a relationship matters more to them.