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Reasons Why You Should Date An Art Student

Suryasarathi Bhattacharya Dec 3, 2018
There's something mysterious and appealing about art students. They are talented, passionate, and highly knowledgeable. They follow their hearts and create manifestations of their world through art; each a window for people to peek in, see, feel, and experience.
Who wouldn't want to be the muse of a painting collection, or say a model of some sculpture? But how? Well, there are perks of dating an artist. They may be infamous of being short-tempered, flirtatious, and quirky at times, but the advantages outdo these shortcomings.

Here are some of the reasons why you should date an art student.

They Are Creative and Talented

Creativity flows through their veins. Their talent speak volumes and can be witnessed in manifestations of their own creation. Their perspectives are diverse and reasonable. They tend to accept things in all possible angles. Hence, they never fall short of surprises, literally and figuratively.

They Set Their Own Clock

Since they don't belong to any firm or company that pays them for the hours they work, they are masters of their own time and work.
They switch from working in the day to working in the nights, depending on their will and need. They come up with sudden, free weekdays as well as really engaging weekends. So, the chances of being late to a movie, inability to show up on dinners reduces; provided the plans are made in advance.

They Are Highly Resourceful

It is a well-known fact that an art student doesn't get paid handsomely. So, they have conditioned themselves to become highly resourceful. Recycling, reuse, budget, cheapest modes of transport, affordable places to hangout - they know it all. If one prefers to live a simple lifestyle without any high maintenance, dating an art lover is the best option.

They Are Open to Challenges

Who doesn't like challenges? They make this otherwise mundane life interesting. Art lovers always yearn for challenges. The whole idea of pushing oneself beyond one's limits provides an adrenaline rush. That is the fuel to their creative energy.

They Are Passionate

As passionate they are towards their art, they are towards their life, relationships everything. The best part about dating an artist is that their choices and mindset reflects both in their art and personality. They are real (most of the time). And, when one gets to be a part of their lifestyle, one simply adores them even more.

They Are Politically and Socially Active

Nobody wants to be with a person who doesn't know or care about what's around them.
Artists are very aware of their surroundings. They observe, think and rationalize every minute detail. Hence they are knowledge sponges and never back off to share a part of their erudition with anyone they come across. They have lot of stories to tell which are really captivating.

They Encourage and Respect Individuality

Since art is an individualistic discipline, artists tend to be and look for individualistic souls. Be whatever you are, do whatever you want to and say whatever you need to. There's no scope for dependence of any sort. One, in a relationship, would always want that private space where one can be all by oneself. Who better than an art lover to provide that!

They Are Free Thinkers

An artist cannot bind oneself to attachments for too long (hence that infamous reputation to be unsuccessful in relationships).
They want and demand liberty both physically and mentally. Since they are not prejudiced towards a person or thought, they tend to look at things in a more rational way than being dogmatic about their view- points. Being in a relationship with such a free soul would liberate you organically.

They Like to Travel

Quite evident! How else do you think they are so cognizant - intellectually and artistically?
It is because they are always in search of diversity. What better than traveling! They meet different people of different places, cultures, and opinions. They don't travel just for the heck of it; but to explore, gather more knowledge and get more insight of what's there all around. Possibly, it is the biggest perk of dating an art student.