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11 Incredible Reasons You Should Date a Man With a Beard

11 Reasons You Should Date a Man With a Beard
If you wanna date somebody, do it! It doesn't matter what others say or think. It's your life and you make the call of what's right for you. If you're pondering upon the idea of dating a bearded buff, we have a few good reasons that will give you the necessary nudge.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-He is Macho Goodness
A beard makes a man look like a man, it separates the men from boys. One look from this rugged beast is hot enough to make you skip a heartbeat. Men sporting a beard give off an alpha male sort of vibe, which instinctively makes you feel protected.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-He Looks Good in Anything
Be it a T-shirt, pair of jeans, or a sleek suit, your man bear can't help but show off his sexy aura in almost anything.
It's no wonder that your guy shares the company of great men like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt when it comes to the beard department. All he needs in an unkempt man bun, and it's Hallelujah sista!
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-He's Not Afraid to Try New Things
Want to try some ethnic food at the restaurant you've always wanted to go; he's your man. Want to go camping in November; he's your man. Your bearded man is anything but ordinary, he knows that the unusual can be a good thing. Know that you've met your holy match, if spontaneity and adventure is what you're after.
Bearded Man
It's not everyone who can grow a beard. Even if they physically can, it takes a lot of confidence to let hair take over your face.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-People Take Him Seriously
Such confidence can inherently give off a self-assured, assertive vibe, and who on earth wouldn't listen to person who seems to know what he's talking about! If that doesn't work, his rugged badass exterior does the trick.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-He Isn't Afraid of Showing His Sensitive Side
This man, like every other man, has feelings, and isn't afraid of letting you know that. He doesn't think being sensitive makes him less of a man. He has his masculinity written all over his face, with that slightly-trimmed-with-a-touch-of-sexy beard.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-Never Complains About You Taking Time To Get Dressed
The man might take almost as long as you to get ready, so we don't think you making him wait is ever going to be a problem. He knows the importance of proper grooming and how time-consuming it can get. If you ever run out of conditioner, he'll be happy lend his to you, so that your hair can feel as soft as his beard.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-The Man has Patience
Yup, he does. He waited long enough to let the beard grow enough to make him look like the beefcake he is.
When he says he's in this for the long haul, know that he's in this for the long haul; nothing phases him out easily. There are going to be days of the month when you'll not be your charming self. Let his beard testify that he has the patience to deal with you then.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-You'll Look Great Together
He, a rugged hunk; you, a dainty (or not) princess - what's not to be loved about you two. Together, you can be 'Beauty and the Sexy Man Beast'. Besides, it'll make your lifelong fantasy of dating bad boys a reality.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-You'll Have a New Guy Every Once in a While
Occasionally, if your boyfriend plans to shave off his beard, it'll almost be like having a new arm candy, but with the goodness of your old boyfriend, until the beard grows back.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-The Beard is Yours
Ever since the beginning of time, the beard was a sign of prestige, so much so that, touching a man's beard was a reason good enough for a duel. Once you've won the man's heart, you have an unlimited access to his soft bushy beard. You could lie around stroking it for hours, or decorate it with flowers and braid it, cuz it's all yours.
Perks of Bearded Boyfriend-His Snuggles Will be Extra-Cozy
His soft beard will definitely make your sleep-ins a bit more comfy. We don't know what it is, but having his beard rubbed over your shoulder is oddly satisfying. Let's not forget, when that bearded man kisses you, it's going to be like tickle therapy all over your face, in a good way.