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Rebound Relationships

An Overview: What Rebound Relationships are and What They Lead To

There are many people who use rebound relationships as a way to cope with their recent breakups. This article will give you more information on if these last, and several other related aspects.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.
If a person, who has recently had a breakup with his partner, enters into a relationship with someone else, for some or the other reason, it is known as a rebound relationship. A majority of people who experience breakups choose such relationships as a source of emotional support. These kinds of relationships can be either for short term or very long term. You need to remember that they are made simply to help one cope with the previous breakup, and not because the two new partners are emotionally attached to each other. This is the primary reason why some people are not in favor of such relationships. There are more chances that partners in rebound relationships are good friends whom they have known for a substantial amount of time.
Reasons for Entering into Rebound Relationships
There are many reasons why an individual may choose to be in a rebound relationship. Any person who goes through a breakup, tends to become low in self-esteem and confidence. So, he may decide to get into a rebound relationship for gaining his self-esteem back. A person may also want to get into a new relationship simply to cope with his recent breakup and forget the memories of the previous partner.
The Good and The Bad About Such Relationships
There are some good as well as bad aspects regarding these relationships. The main advantage is that it helps a person to take his mind away from his ex-partner. In this way, he can enjoy his life in a new relationship. The person also does not feel lonely anymore, as he has a new partner to share and discuss things. He gets back his lost self-esteem and enthusiasm. On the negative side, you do not get time to assess what actually went wrong in your previous relationship which caused a breakup. It is also a formal kind of relationship that is just meant to mend a broken heart. Genuine attraction and affection might be absent in these relationships.
Rebound Relationships That Work
There have been many cases when a person who is in a rebound relationship has fallen in love with his new partner and is living a great life. For it to work well, you need to keep some things in mind. Give your new partner the assurance that you are all done with your old relationship. As both have a new life, you need to start up with new things, totally different from the past. Try to do things that your new partner likes the most. You should never compare your current partner with your previous one. You should not talk about your previous partner too much. Only do so, when your current partner asks you to. Also tell your partner that you feel great that he/she is with you.
The success of rebound relationships largely counts on how you understand your current partner, till which level he/she understands you, and how open is the relationship. It is suggested not to redo the mistakes that led to issues with your previous partner. With keeping the above things in mind, it is more likely that your new partner may start to see you as a soulmate for life. However, before committing yourself into a rebound relationship, it is recommended to take some relationship advice from people you know very well.