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Relationship Advice for Married Women

Neha Joshi Mar 24, 2019
Marriage isn't a one day thing. You might have the ceremony on one day, but you add to the marriage everyday you live together, and do things together. Relationship advice for married women can be summed up in just one line - keep doing the NEW. How? Well, let's find out!
Marriage, an institution that demands absolute faith, loyalty, and companionship is not as easy as it may sound. Few people understand that marriage is not something that happens when two people decide to stay together for the rest of their lives.
It is not just the social union of two people but that of two souls, each needing love, care, and respect. To understand such complex emotions, we at times need advice on relationships to make lesser mistakes, and create happier memories.
Marriage brings with it a lot of emotional changes and dealing with each needs to be done together. The first few months are so overwhelming that few can keep their calm. However, as the woman in this relationship, you can take more precaution than deal with curing later.
Constantly search for new things you can do together. Adventure leaves lesser time for emotional chaos. The idle mind soon becomes a myth, and what remains is a happy you, a happy two! However, if problems have already stepped in, try the given advice.

Relationship Tips for Married Women


Patience, and how much of it you can possess, can make a lot of difference. If you're short-tempered and aggressive, you need to change that about yourself and see to it that you stay calm and then deal with things.
Patience also helps when the other person is wrong, and you're right, as he's soon going to feel sorry that he hurt you and you didn't say a thing. However, if you react in the same manner as he does, it shows you in equally bad light. Silence has a lot of dignity, and you should understand when to remain quiet and when to talk it out.


You also need to possess the quality of understanding. A woman by nature, is more understanding towards emotions and sentiments than a man. On the other hand, men are usually tight-lipped about their emotions, and can seldom show them all.
This makes it important for you to read between the lines. Ask him if anything is wrong when you see a change of attitude towards you. There is a lot that needs to be spoken in between the two partners, and it's you who needs to take the initiative.

Surprise Element

Men get bored easily, and this is why you need to keep on surprising them if you want to maintain the spontaneity in your relationship. Spontaneity also adds to the fun and the fun in turn leads to more happiness.
The surprise element also will show your husband that you care for him, and his happiness matters to you more than anything else does. Surprises always make the other person feel good.


Just like a relationship grows with the element of spontaneity, it also requires a particular quota of adventure. Now, adventure can be defined differently by all of us, isn't it? Take him out on those adventure vacations once in a while and plan them for him.
One weekend every month, go play adventure sports together. Go mountain biking and trekking whenever you feel you need some change. These things will not only increase the number of good things you'll do together, but will also add to the love you'll share.


Companionship is one of the most important aspects in all types of relationships. Once married, you have to understand that you are your husband's companion, in happiness and during the tough times too.
Stand by his side no matter how tough times get, and let him know that he always has you. This assurance from your side can do wonders to your relationship.
Now that you are equipped with this advice, you can deal with issues in your marriage easily and confidently. Remember, marriage is one of the most beautiful experiences in life if you make the most of it. Understanding is the key to every problem in every relationship, so make sure you never fail at that. Don't Worry, Be Happy!