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Relationship Advice for Women Over 40

Rujuta Borkar May 4, 2019
Relationships at 40 and beyond can be a tricky affair. Some, they'll confuse you beyond belief, others will feel like a breath of fresh air. In all this confusion of what is right and what is wrong and the difference between each, some relationship advice coming your way will be a good thing.
Relationships are relationships, no matter what the age is. For most women who have crossed the 40 mark though,these words alone will not suffice. Doubts will make way, just as thoughts do. The staring into the mirror at odd hours. Is that a worry line there? Is that an age spot? Is that the skin sagging? Why is my skin so dull?
So many devices of torture you will manage to introduce for yourself. Then how are you going to get into the relationship arena and make an honest go at it? Here's some relationship advice for women over 40 into the picture.

And the Advice Goes...

Here's something that should set you free and take away the tension that the term '40' has put in your mind. What you think is a bane is actually what will help you sail through this stage. At an age when life has doled out some pretty unique experiences for you to deal with, and you've learned from them way beyond what you expected.
Now all you have to do is turn around and use your experiences to your advantage, it's all in there―you only need to tap it. What does that mean? Life puts you in a tough spot, you emerge right out. The things that are mentioned here will merely act as a reiteration of the things you already know and understand through and through.

Un-shaking your Confidence

Confidence. Confidence in what you do and how you do it. That's really all that matters. Don't lose the confidence that you took so long to build. What makes you confident? Dressing well? Buy yourself some complementing clothes. Look into your styling and how you dress. What else makes you confident? Having a set of skills, perhaps? Get cracking on those.
Hone the ones you already have. Cooking, martial arts, stage performer, singer par excellence. If there is intrinsic confidence then that is all that will matter, really. It shows when you're confident. It shows in the way you interact with others. And seriously? That is a coveted property to have.

Also, Smile

Smile. An open, honest, welcoming smile. Smile like there's no worry in the world. An honest, genuine smile can do wonders for you and ergo for the person who is with you. When you smile, you're sending out positive vibes, you're not getting you or the other person down. And really, isn't that the best way to go about things?

It's All in the Talk

You think you're not 'sexy' anymore or that your body won't be 'attractive', then how will you get the men to pay attention? Here's what men have to say―though looks might be the first thing that one notices, there is something that goes miles beyond looks―the way you talk. Talk to impress then, why not?
Having opinions, stating them, not being apologetic for the things that you think about, and using the potent powers of your conversation skills is what needs to be mastered. When you converse, let the confidence shine through more than anything else.
Focus on positive things, nothing that will bring anyone down, don't get into the tragedy that is life, ask intelligent questions, get them to think, don't hog the conversation, and you're already making quite an impression on the person sitting opposite you. And when that happens, your age will be the last thing on their mind.

Age and Beyond

So what happens when you're 40 and more and there's a younger man in the picture? Here's some relationship advice for women on understanding men...younger men (any kind of man actually). So men don't care about age. As a matter of fact, men do think that it's really sexy dating an older woman.
Why? Because with age comes a unique sensibility and an air of confidence that is beyond comparison. The maturity and understanding of the world and the way in which you know how to use it―that is what all that matters. Not a piece of paper that says you turned 40 today. That's the deal.
So if you're in the phase of nothing seems right anymore... everything seems wrong, you really need to see beyond what you're telling yourself. It's all in you, woman. All you have to do is get beyond this thinking block of age, lowered confidence, and an impending fear of failed relationships.
Take pride in what you are, what you have, and what you need, and then go right ahead and get it for yourself. That is all the relationship advice you need. Go impress that guy out, out and beyond. And do it without feeling sorry about anything. Good luck!