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Relationship Insecurity

Relationship Insecurity - It's Better to Let Go Off It

Insecurity can ruin any relationship, however good, strong, or happy it might be. Read on to know about relationship insecurity and how to overcome it.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Relationships are built on trust or so it is said. But, for some people, trusting someone, even their partners, might be elusive. There are people of both genders who find it extremely difficult to trust their partners and thus feel constantly insecure. Due to this, they start imagining things that have never even occurred. So what causes insecurity in relationships? Can this issue be tackled? Let us find out.
Insecurity Issues in a Relationship
Insecurity stems from a number of reasons, the number one being low self worth. If a man or a woman has low self-esteem, they always fear that their partners are going to leave them. They feel that they are not good enough for their partners, so they will soon be left alone by them for better options (read, more attractive and intelligent people). People who feel that they are not beautiful or smart enough to hold on to their partners are usually the ones who face this problem.
Another reason could be failure or fear of rejection from past relationships. People who have had failed marriages or whose partners have cheated on them in the past find it extremely difficult to trust someone again. Such people often feel that if they have been cheated on once, they can be cheated on again. These trust issues lead to insecurity. And finally, people who themselves are cheating on their partners are often insecure and feel that their partners are cheating on them too. So, they are much more likely to feel insecure about their relationship.
How to Overcome
As you can see, insecurity breeds insecurity. So, the first thing that you can do is to start believing in yourself. If your partner has chosen you out of so many people in this world, the reason is that he/she loves you with all your faults and shortcomings. Self-esteem and self worth cannot be built in a single day, but you can always start working towards building them by concentrating on yourself. Start exercising and get the body which you have always desired. Join a hobby class and develop your talents. Most importantly, be financially independent. The less you depend on your partner for money or happiness, the more secure you will feel.
For those of you who have been through bad relationships in the past or have been cheated on by their ex, the thing to keep in mind is that those people whom you refer to as your "past" or "ex" are exactly that, your "PAST". Remember that they are your "ex" for a good reason, so why bring them or their memory in your current relationship? Let bygones be bygones and start life afresh. Not every man or woman is the same.
As for those who feel insecure because they think that their partners will mirror them, i.e., cheat back on them the way they are themselves cheating, the lesser is said the better. Ask yourself why you are cheating. Is something lacking in your relationship? Are you not happy with your partner in some way? Whatever might be the reason, communicate it to your partner and work on your relationship. Running into somebody else's arms is not the solution.
Insecurity can lead to lots of bad consequences, one of them being a breakup. Now, you do not want to ruin your relationship over something as inconsequential as your "insecurity" right? So, give yourself positive affirmations that you are the best. Do not unnecessarily be jealous of your partner or compare your relationship to that of others. Most importantly, have your own life, be confident, and just be yourself. Believe me, if you do this, no man or woman in their right mind would like to let go of such a confident partner!