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Light-hearted Relationship Quizzes for Women: Add Some Humor!

Kundan Pandey Feb 20, 2019
Want to try out something fun, exciting, and enjoyable with your partner? How about a relationship quiz? There may be many questions that you always wanted to ask your love, but haven't. Maybe you get confused regarding 'how to ask' and 'what to ask'. Here's some help in this regard.
Does she care, like truly care for me? Which of my habits does she love the most? Welcome to the land of relationship quizzes. Weren't you always longing to ask some questions to your girlfriend or wife? Yes, these given points will help you ask your girlfriend/wife some interesting questions.
They are a source of loads of fun and excitement. Besides this, you may also discover some new facets of your affair. Though the questions may be tricky, and a bit tough to answer, they will help you to strengthen your bond. Remember, the idea is to take these quizzes on a lighter note! Enjoy the experience!

For Women

Guys, ask the given questions to your girlfriends or wives, and see how they enjoy the experience. Here you go:
  • Do you believe in short-term relationships or long-term ones?
  • What is the meaning of love to you?
  • What are the qualities that you admire the most in your partner?
  • How would you pamper your partner when he is upset or has had a bad day at work?
  • How much time do you wish your boyfriend/husband should spend with you?
  • In case of fights and arguments, how do you behave with your partner?
  • Mention two incidents that made you feel proud of him?
  • Are you ready to cope up with your partner and support him in times of adversity?
  • Do you love to convey your thoughts and feelings frankly to him?
  • Is he dominating? Have you ever told him about any of his bad behavior?
  • Do you feel happy that he is the man in your life?
  • Three qualities of your partner that made you fall for him?
  • How do you feel about your love life between the sheets?
  • Has he ever lied to you in matters related to your love life? How did you sort out the issue?
  • Is physical attraction more important to you or emotional connectivity?
  • Do you feel that your partner and you are moving ahead in the relationship, helping each other grow as a couple, and as individuals?
  • If you found your fiancĂ©/boyfriend flirting with other women at a party, how would you react?
  • Do you openly communicate to him about your needs or are you hesitant about them?

For Couples

Some questions that both of you can answer together, and for each other are as follows:
  • Do you share your life's precious moments with each other?
  • Do any one of you try to calm down and discuss any issue with each other before the arguments escalate?
  • Are you open to discussion with your partner about your sexual life?
  • Do you feel insecure if your partner goes out with some of your friends?
  • Do you understand each other's needs, or do either of you submit to the need of the other person? What is the level of understanding between the two of you?
  • Do you learn from the ups and downs of the relationship?
  • How do you keep the spark of love alive? How often do you surprise him?
  • Are you happy about your affair, do you feel good to be with each other?
These were just a few light-hearted relationship quizzes for women. It is to be remembered that they are meant to be enjoyed, and add some dose of humor into the relationship. The serious questions may have some funny answers, which directly or indirectly, can convey your love and even express your desires in a convenient manner.
Definitely, these quizzes are going to give you a chance to flirt, and let you enjoy some happy moments with your 'her'. So, have fun and a happy relationship!