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Nice Dates With a Nice Price Tag

Janna Seliger Jan 9, 2019
How to show your significant other a great time without spending a great deal.
We've all been there: we want to show the one we love, a wonderful time, and the first idea that comes into our mind is an extravagant dinner, theater production, opera, concert, or other expensive event. Then we look into our wallets and realize that's not going to happen.
Whether you're a college student just barely scraping by or an adult just barely scraping by, you're in luck! It's easy and fun to date without spending exorbitant amounts of cash. It doesn't need to be big and expensive to be sweet and romantic. Think simple! Here are some ideas to get you started planning your next date on the cheap.

Dinner at home

Dinners at home are the easiest way to say, "I really care about you," without having to spend a lot. Cook up something tasty, light a few candles, and turn on some Barry White and you're good to go! This intimate evening will be one your lover will never forget.


Taking a walk along a river, lake, beach, forest, or any other scenic setting can be the easiest way to be romantic without spending a dime. Take your girl or guy to your favorite park, or even take a walk through the city. 
Walking hand in hand, you'll find yourselves delving into fascinating conversation that will bring you closer with each and every step.

Play a game

Bring out the child in both of you and play a game! Whether it be Monopoly or a video game, have some fun and enjoy each other's company. A night of gaming can be one of the most enjoyable things you and your partner ever do (besides sex, perhaps)!

Play a game... in the bedroom

Spice up your sex life! Try something new, push your comfort zones. Spend the night pleasuring each other like never before. It's not only romantic, but letting your imagination run wild can be fascinating.

Brown-bag it

That's right - picnic. Pack up a lunch for the two of you, and hit that cute little park nearby. Bring a blanket to sit on and enjoy the fresh air. You will feel refreshed and satisfied. Maybe slip a little surprise in your significant other's lunch, like some dark chocolates!


Often times, museums are either free admission or very inexpensive. A trip to your local history or art museum can be educational and romantic in many ways. You'll both learn a little and hey, if it's cheap or free why not!
Being romantic while having little money isn't impossible. In fact, even if you do have money you don't need to spend a lot of it to show you care. Sometimes things that cost little or nothing, show you care far more than a store-bought gift. Get creative, and you'll find you and your lover becoming closer than ever before!